chrome ball incident #631: keeping the faith

just how amazing is that ollie photo up top? perfection.

squeaky-clean SJ meets the incomparable Mr. Aaron Meza for conversation, amongst other goodies.

and in other news, these two things made my day today.

big up to Larry Ransom.


K said...

SJ one of DC's finest, represent!

aplusen said...

hey eric,
i have an idea i wanna run by ya, its aplus(andy) from mpls friend of sissi, and we were at the moma deal.
my e-mail is aplusen@gmail.com. the contact you was not working. hit me up!

Croupier said...

It's not uncommon for me to get extra stoked on a dude after a chrome ball post, but it's pretty rare that I actually like someone way more permanently. SJ was excellently photographed, and just fucking ripped!

I've also never been so hyped on an issue of Thrasher.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Mr Clean, Mr Finesse, Mr Johnston.

some poser said...

Peg, it will come back to you..

Anonymous said...

I've never seen that front smith with the shelltoes on. That's a super dope photo.

SJ always had a good trick selection. I just always felt like he never produced enough coverage in the same vein as Gino, another excellent style guy.

Keith said...

everything about the first shot is great. half cabs and all.

Great interview. I remember that one.

Always enjoyed SJ coverage. Even did the slits in the hem of my jeans.

Adams Selymes said...

5 flavors was epic! My fave part at all, I just do not know why he never got a real skate part...He got skills enough to keep up people's eye popped when he is into tha game! Smooth and stylish!

rev!low said...

Had that B/S flip poster on my wall for years & still have De La's "Keepin' the Faith" set as the ringtone on my phone as result of his FTC part. So stylish & clean. Keep up the great work.