chrome ball incident #626: harts

I can usually tell when either Krooked drops some new guest boards or if Crailtap makes some kind of geezer-type reference because I'll get 10 emails the next day asking for an explanation.

In this case, it was the latter.

Looking back, this dude is the sole reason my 12-year-old midwestern honky ass would know a damn thing at all about H.I.M.

And I'm not talking about Bam.

That pole jam ad is so classic. INI Style.

In other news, go to this tonight and tell me how it was.

Here's a sick new Jesse Neuhaus interview my man Jay sent over. Good job.

And finally, the TG PowerEdge interview from '90 I posted the other day is now up in it's entirety. I got in a rush and forgot a page. Thanks Keith.


stephen said...

stoked on this one... thanks

J. said...

Jef is a really great guy. I met him a few times in the late '90s when he was running (I think) Shaolin Skateboards. Cool guy.

welch said...

dude was on SMA? i never knew. rad style.

Skate Nazi said...

Such a rad post Chops!!

'Nuff respect due, super stoked to see this on a personal level because he's a longtime homie and also on a skate rat level because I been a fan since the Alva dread days.

Dude is still killing it on the regular and just had a baby boy a few months ago who will be a future shredder no doubt!

Thanks again for the post, you made my week.

Giles said...

he does a slappy back tailslide which is awesome!

re that trick: j klein does a modern (ollie) one in the same video on a decent size ledge. does anyone know who did the first one on a ledge? i don't. i remember a great spike shot of natas doing one on a low curb. does someone do one in an h-street video?

Anonymous said...

One of 2 pros in rubbish heap who didn't flat ground ollie in their part. Although it is a little confusing there were basically 2 SMAs at one point with one quickly turning into World Industries.

Kris Gurley said...

Ok you dropped Hartsel and Neuhaus in the same post so now you have to dig up some Mario Rubalcaba stuff.

Keith said...

sick! Always liked that pole jam pic. Back then, I thought it was a straight up ollie over it.

The crailtap thing is funny!

I was always surprised that alva dudes ended up on World in various capacities.

r. dahl said...

always psyched on the 80's. but more psyched on yer choices of late. holy rasta slash dog. that's alotta fs grinds. he's so slashed out they almost look like smith grinds. kind of a cross between dave hackett and shogo kubo especially on the tw cover. nice one!

Unknown said...

I'm an old fart so I love any posts without popsicle sticks. Boom bada dis!

Anonymous said...

i was there for that pole jam pic...im standing next to the last dude on the right...almost back ground props...lol..

Huckleberry Hart said...

New discovery for me. Damn. So good. Thanks for bringing this doug to the surface

Huckleberry Hart said...

What more can I learn of this "I N I Style"?