#623: chrome ball incident vs primo

Many requests for this one.

Sequence-heavy post tonight featuring the super-talented Plan B/evol upstart that seemed to have the whole world in his hand during the mid- to late-90's. But after dropping two seriously-heavy parts, dude just kinda disappeared. You could say that heads have been sleeping on his skills ever since.

One of everyone's favorite "where are they now?" cases...  not really sure what happened to Brian.

And yes, an Aaron Snyder post is in the works.


iSapien1956672 said...

Dope, skated with Brian & Aaron in February at Stoner Plaza... I was there with Melcher. Brian was doing these front flip over the gap to swinch BSNB's on the QP. so rad.

JayCee said...

I think he works at Black Box? I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure.

Skately said...

Super tech. Super underrated. Almost wish he and Snyderman were on less noteworthy companies in their heyday to have gotten the shine they deserved.

Anonymous said...

i know it has nothing to do with this post and i should be commenting the other site,
but please, please, PLEASE replace that skatetalk bob
guy from interviewing skaters live!!

after reading your amazing and truly interesting articles and interviews for the longest time, i know you would do an awesome job doing what bob tragically attempts to do.

ciaran said...

His disappearance was largely due to that infamous press release sent out after the demise of Plan B inferring that he'd only entertain offers from the top tier companies such as Girl & Workshop, which never happened.

"Recognize the skills"...

Anonymous said...

Weird. I thought this would be about Primo Desiderio.


Keith said...

crazy post. That guy was really good but had an odd style imo. I didn't even know anything about him and being on evol. Only noticed him when he was on Plan B.

I thought this was funny on crailtap.

"Q&A Section
From Darrin
Q: For Aaron, Carroll, Rickk, or whoever will give up the dirt: What really happened with Brian Emmers? It’s been long enough. Give up the goods.
A: Why you would think we would know is beyond us.—Us"


platinumseagulls said...

Yup, "Recognize the skills." Skated with Emmers at 3rd and Army in 2001. Such a giant.

It's funny, nowadays it doesn't really seem to matter if you're a kook or not; if you rip, companies will put up with you nowadays. Not passing judgment on Emmers, but I bet he could have gotten away with one stupid press release, or whatever, in this day and age.

handsclapanin said...

he lives a block away from me. we still skate together from time to time. mostly mini ramps nowadays; as is the custom with old farts. dude still rips. one of the most naturally talented people on a board i've seen.
he doesn't work at black box anymore.
him & aaron have a bolt company: Land Bolts
chops: what does the "vs primo" mean?

Adams Selymes said...

Sick skills, tech and smooth, in the 90´s he could already flip in flip out onto curb tricks, that´s a pity he is not into some good companies we are having nowadays.

Keith said...

primo vs emmers


Unknown said...

I would like to thank everyone that took notice to this article, skateboarding has been a major part of my life since I was 10 years old and I have been passionate about it ever since. As far as what happened to me, well its pretty cliche, I was immature and had character flaws, which I'm still working on and will be until I take the big sleep. I would just like to apologize to anyone whom I may have offended. thanks, Brian

chops said...

woah! thanks for the comment, Brian. Super rad, man.

I normally don't approach people in such a public manner but if you ever want to do an interview just to talk about stuff and get your side of the story out there, just email me.

Jaycee, looks like Jude is be sleeping more. Hope all is good, homie.

anon1, thanks for the compliment but I actually like watching Bob do his thing. Interviewing dudes live on camera, especially someone like Dixon, is a really fucking hard thing to do and I honestly don't think he gets enough credit.

thanks plat, some real good points there. and I agree, i hardly see an episode like this being such a career liability these days.

and handsclapanin, keith's 2nd comment is correct.