chrome ball interview for abd #4: rick mccrank

chrome ball sits down with crankers for conversation... here.

abd #3


Keith said...

I prefer to leave my comments here rather than there.

2 rail sequences (5-0 and lipslide) are both insane. The 5-0 is at the civic center in Ottawa. Those things are massive. Back when I lived there, no one fucked with those. The lipslide is at ubc at the pool. That's massive as well. Holy crap.

lol the Birdhouse ad. The pic of him doesn't even look like him.

The ns nb transfer nillie flip out... that's the same spot as the Duffy fs nose bs nose blunt transfer. That bank is no joke. Too bad that spot never translates well in photos.

r. dahl said...

i agree with keith. comments here. mccrank is obviously super talented. for whatever reason i'm not a huge fan. maybe style? i feel shitty sayin this. dude's probably the nicest guy in the world and the proof is there. gnar fer sure. just wanted to be honest. as if it even matters. oh yeah... the interview is great. super insightful. chops yer a regular brock linehan. (thought a canadian sctv reference would be appropriate.)

Keith said...

yes... I forgot to add that it was a solid interview! It's too bad ABD puts a word limit.

Keith said...

I'll also add it's pretty amazing how one dude can change the path on a persons career. If it weren't for Colin, who knows what would've happened.

Also, McCrank holds the record for the highest score in a pro contest ever. A European contest iirc.