#615: the earth will bury us all


crail couch all-star,
royal monarch
and stacy peralta sympathy vote recepient (still can't believe that),
rudy johnson.

thanks patrick.

and this is rad... louie's the best.



Keith said...

some of the best arm in the business! So stoked on Rudy since Ban This.

White full cabs or half cabs in that bs lip? I think they're full cabs.

360 flip melon! iirc, poweredge? That's so sick.


Fuck yeah always a great skater....

D said...

Man Spike Jonze was such a good photographer.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/Keith. Great style. His photos always look so fluid. Trick selection in his ads is superb.

Chris said...

Great skater with great style: seriously well above 'reserve' status. Of all the Blind boards I had, I remember the Rudy models the fondest.

Loo Ganida said...

Gotta Love Rudy!
I sent in that question after the Guy episode. Rudy's response is so rad!

dan77 said...

Rudy post, fuck yeah!

dan77 said...

Is that anyone else's favorite part in Video Days? The manual 360 flip and cab back tail are both insane

JayCee said...

@Keith I'm backing you on the arms comment. I just thought they looked so crazed when he skated. Especially the line he did at the Long Beach benches in Video Days. He does that fs 360 ollie at the end and they're going bananas! He's one of the few that could pull that off and not make you cringe when he did it.

I remember seeing Rudy in SF when they were filming for Video Days. He got that manual to 360 flip at Embarcadero then they went to Benicia and he does that nosebone of the hip then a bs 180 nosebone. It's funny the kind of stuff you remember, cause one thing that stuck out the most to me was how much he was saggin' his pants! He kept having to pull them up all the time. It was pretty insane. You can see in the footage, especially at Benicia, he was pulling his pants up between tricks. That said, Rudy's an all time fave and quite the trippper, apparently.

mikebythesun said...

Nice choice, Chops.

Much respect to Rudy. I never understood that Stacey comment about how he put him on the team because he felt bad for him. WTF... I bet Stacey ate his words once he saw Rudy's part in Video Days. Dude was in a video along side the Gonz, J Lee and Guy and he held his own and then some. Super sick.

Adams Selymes said...

My first DC shoes was his model, nice kicks..good times roll, what´s he up to now?