chrome ball interview for abd #3: ronnie creager

chrome ball sits down with ronnie for conversation... here.
abd #2


rd3308 said...

I really respect how humble he is in this interview. I've never really compared Creager to other skaters or styles of others because he just seemed to progress in his own direction. Having an individual style that is unlike anyone else is what truly stands out. I've always thought that this guy offered something different and was a tier above most. Maybe progression and humility are key.


Crazy to think of this guy as "underrated." He's one of those who when you skate with them in-person, you get that chill down your spine, like being in the presence of a fucking unicorn or something. (better metaphor anyone? Dragon? Ninja? Ninja-dragon-with-a-single-horn?) Awe-inspiring, just plain unbelievable. And he really has fun when he skates, that's what's so inspiring I think. It's obvious. Like ollieing over the highest part of the (old) Huntington Skatepark wall and laughing that it was the biggest thing he'd ever ollied. It was over waist high and a foot thick.

And mention of his lines being planned vs. spontaneous...either/or. I was there when he did the line, I think it ended up in Rodney vs. Daewon 2 (??) where he did the double ledge line (school in Hawthorn-ish, forget the name), nosebluntslide to fakie, then a high-speed switch heel ssbsts. After he landed that in about 4 tries, he turned his board around and spontaneously nollie hardflipped over a large trash can on its side that was laying just beyond the ledge. I don't think he even knew it was there previous to landing his 2nd trick. It was cut from the part. He probably thought it was no big deal. Everyone else was floored.

Big props to modesty and humor in the face of such ability. Really nice and positive guy to boot.

Thanks again, Chrome.

Anonymous said...

What trick does Ronnie do here at 1:07?? I have always wanted to know


Keith said...

well done E. Still wish you had to space to ask some golf questions!

Anonymous said...

i think that's a nollie varial heel... not inward but regular varial, just popped. fuck... what a master

t.a. said...

I knew it would pay off to check the site real quick... last time you had a 'break' we got to see the makings of the VHS tee. Stoke! Could not have been a better subject. Thanks, Chromeworld.

Creager's one of the few skaters that is never boring no matter what he's doing.

psizzler said...

god damn dude, this is one of the best interviews ever
ronnie is the man
thanks for all of the great work!