chrome ball incident #587: margin walker

Q: "What is the single most difficult part of your life right now?"
A: "Switch flip kringle grinds or nollie gazelle slides."

Nothing ever seems to look nearly as hard as it should when Rickk does it.

That nollie flip nose sequence at Venice makes me happy.

And I forgot how good that Hard Times stuff looked back in the day...

Big up to Ron Cameron.


Sonny Day said...

That Vans front blunt ad is so memorable.
Go Rickoo!


i remember me and my brother victor watching his part in splendid eye torture, and getting so stoked to go out and skate. so stylee. his edit for the latest beauty and the beast is so rad. dude is sick. even for a canuck.

ND said...

Big Smooth... Sam Perkins.

Rick Howard.


Anonymous said...

'And I forgot how good that Hard Times stuff looked back in the day...'

Yup - totally forgot that ad was one of my favourites.

Anonymous said...

I still have that crooks on the fence up in my parents room.

And the Girl Ad series with the fandangles brings back some fond memories of a classic ad series.

Keith said...

So many great pics in this one!

Ollie at the Blockhead ramp tws cover!

Sick Sisley Tim Gavin board in the nollie flip fs noseslide fakie at Venice.

I had hardtimes wheels. They were too big though.

Fence crooked grind... that was a DC poster. I had a bunch of those back in the day.

fs blunt vans ad. That's the perfect kit right there.

Croupier said...

At first I didn't like the Vans ad even though I couldn't pinpoint why. I later determined that it disagreed with me because it hit a little too close to home... as it has pretty much been my style guide for last 14 years.
Thanks Rickoo. Thanks Chops.

Unknown said...

I remember my Rick Martin Blockhead skateboard 30 years ago bummer all sold I would give my left testicle to have another one oh hold on I did for the first one you can have my brothers maybe this skateboard Gods can find in their way to see C1 my way