chrome ball incident #585: holiday in waikiki

figured I'd wait until I was really fucking sick of this cold weather before a threw Rene into the mix.

...now seems about right.

always super clean with plenty of pop, dude held it down for both hawaii and new deal in the mid-90's.

and i'm sure photogs loved the free vacation on the company's dime.

big up to rob carlyon as well.

always dug rene's children of the sun part. such an underrated video.

and in other news... parts 3 of 3 are up.


Anonymous said...

Clean '90s skating at its best. Good inward heelflip.

Anonymous said...

Giant tours with this dude and SJ must have been incredible back then.

Good post Choppers.

Lucas said...

I've always been a fan of Rene M. Dude was amazing, as the photos prove. It just sucks to see how dull New Deal had become by, like, 1995. I never understood why that company veered so far from its original course.

peel said...

That banks snow scan is amazing...

Keith said...

I liked Rene M back in the day as well. Beck's graphic was great.

The hf over the wall pic... his right pant leg is under his heel and look at the tongues on those 23's!

Unknown said...

Another under rated, under exposed styler. Refreshing in an era when skating was still struggling to escape the dark days of the early 90's. My brother had that same deck he's skating in the heelflip photo. Sick graphic with all the bold pictograms and no writing at all, but the deck itself! My brother loved it but it was so flat and skinny, typical of the time I know, but last time I dug it out of the archive for a peak, it blew me away. Closer in size and design to a freestyle board than anything. Only makes me appreciate more the guys who pulled it off with style in those days.

The Chez said...

Man, I thought this was going to be a Johnee Kopp spotlight.
Rene M. was during the dark times. Kid was good.

Skate Nazi said...

Goddamn Chops you killed it again, mahalo for posting this, you just made a bunch of old school Hawaiians real stoked!

Also rad that you shouted out Rob Carlyon, the two of them always repped Hawaii to the fullest and I am stoked that I was there to see both develop into such shredders.

Again, big ups for the post.

By the way it's 79 degrees and sunny right now but it might rain tomorrow.
It happens.

Anonymous said...

^what keith said re: pant leg and clean-as-fuck sal23's

Anonymous said...

Dat bruddah has one mean backside flip. Mahalos for posting dat cuz.