chrome ball incident #575: nothing lasts forever

word wasters...space takers

figured I'd start 2011 off with some classic heath. can never go wrong there.

glad to be back, my time-off was cursed with the flu, computer problems and a totalled car.

wasn't all bad though.

hope everyone had a good holiday.

big up to the makers of fuck yinz 2 and flow trash. good shit, fellas... and any new footage of austin kanfoush and davis torgerson is always appreciated.

special thanks to o'dell, brink, jim t and heel bruise.

and congratulations are in order for jaycee on #1 (jude hosoi constantino) and sprntrl on #3 (coming in april). i normally wouldn't do birth announcements on here but chrome ball owes much to both of these guys. best wishes, gentlemen.

shit is in the works.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the posts chops. Really enjoy abd. Love that kirchart pig ad. Transworld with cardiel was my very first skate mag. Thanks for keeping me entertained.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Choppers!

Anonymous said...

i love the flaming 50-50 shot.

and it's strange seeing that portait of heath smiling. dope.

Anonymous said...

Heath is amazing! I remember seeing the pic of him taking that bail off of the bus stop back when and I was never able to grasp the reality of it! It looks like he's going to die!

t.a. said...

"Switch sucks."

handsclapanin said...

not one pic at UCI. was that on purpose? that boardslide pig ad is sick. i forgot about that one. it looks like if he landed it, he's going straight into that car.

Keith said...

welcome back e!

Sorry to hear about the health, comp and car over the holidays.

The bail off the bus shelter is pretty gnarly.

Did Kosick take both those lipslide photos? If so, decent payday for him.

bs tail with the huge America flag is pretty funny. Patriotic.

sprntrl said...

Thanks Chopps. Here's to a great new year.