chrome ball incident #574: blow up

q: "why do you skateboard?"
a: "I don't know any better."

one of the rawest skaters out there... even if bo turner disagrees.

having watched it evolve, you gotta dig Cairo's style: super gnar, super pop. no illusions.

alright party people, this brings 2010 to a close for me. its been an incredible year. my sincerest gratitude for all the support everyone has shown this blog. unbelievable.

...and yes, there's an interview tomorrow.

after which, chrome ball will return on Monday, January 3rd.

big up to peel.

p.s. free cbi x heel bruise tees at agenda coming up. thanks richard.


Five-o Cheapster said...

Enjoy your well earned Christmas/new year break Chops - good work over the past year - appreciated very much. killer post BTW.

djtwit said...

that bs noseblunt at Chalky blocks is sick, not seen that before.

and what Five-O said - yup , you dun good this year - shoes, interviews and skating foos...or something ;)

ciaran said...

I think the first thing I saw from this chap was a photo in Thrasher in early 1997 50-50-ing the window ledge at Pier 7, the one that faces the street and is stands over your bellybutton. Great skater.

Echoing Five-o & DJ Twit, keep up the great work, it's hugely appreciated by us all worldwide.

hugs-n-drugs said...

First site I check in the morning.
This site is my New York Times.com

Great Year CB. Hats Off

And like most of my over-thirty skate brethren, All I want for christmas is to re-learn 360 flips while its 30 degrees out.

peel said...

I also wanna thank all you guys for supporting chops throughout the years. I've seen this site go from a little side project to the beast it is now and am really proud to be part of it.

And thanks to chops, I officially know more than any woman should about skating. Toot toot, beep beep!

Chris said...

Just to echo the above, congrats on a really good year Chops. Consistency is hard to maintain but you've kept levels high throughout.

Have a good Christmas and catch you in the '11.


folsom street fair said...

this is cairo foster's wheel of fortune

Keith said...

Cairo! After he lost the goggles and tightened up his kit, he's been killing it and looking good.

All of those photos look great. Is he capable of taking a bad one?

He's kind of an under-the-radar kinda guy isn't he. Stoked none the less. I had to look up his board sponsor because I've been snoozing lol

Congrat E on the great productive year and have a great holiday break. I know tomorrows interview is gonna kill it. Too bad about LM though ;)

Heel Bruise shirt looks super. I'm not 100% certain but based on the pics at their site, it looks like they are screening these shirts!? crazy!

rob e beats said...

I still can't believe it. Half-life.

r. dahl said...

happy holidays to chops and everyone that comes around here. the last, like, 10 posts have been fucking incredible. so thanks for that. all i know about this cairo kid is when he was on real gonz used to ride his board... good enough for me. his part in reel to real was great. massive pop with good style. underrated. popwar seemed like a bad idea though. i'm over 30 but i dunno about a 3 flip for christmas. how about just a clean 5-0 180 out... yep, i'd like that. frontside of course

JRog said...

Thanks Chops!!

bcoop said...

Love this guy's part in The Reason. This site has been amazing for the past year, keep it up!

Old School Sammy said...

Chops, you know I love this site like a fat kid luvs cake!

You killed it in 2010, and I am sure 2011 will be much of the same---you DA MAN!

Anonymous said...

best skate blog out there. if you love skating, it's all you need.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great site. Look forward to more in 2011. For christmas nollie heelflips for me.

- jparks

ATM said...

Fuck yeah chops, this year was full of good shit and I can't imagine it slowing down in 2011. Also, those heel bruise shirts are looking really nice.