chrome ball incident #539: no reservations

"keep your spirit free."


flannelflannel said...

"kenny reed styles"

rthdghuyfy said...

Like Koston said on Crail Tap a few week's back: "I'm like Kenny Reed, but with a family", since he's been traveling alot lately with his girlfriend and little child.
Guess all that Kenny=always abroad get's a bit old but it seem's like he's trying to get away from something in his head, and that's not possible.
Fuck do I know, I'm no Pshycologist.
Maybe he is happier than Shake Junt "Beagle".
Plus I was talking with a friend before about how Kenny's photos allways look beautiful, but when you see it in motion, it's really not the same thing.
Travelin' man with Mos Def automatically come's to mind:
Thank's again for posting, allways nice to wake up to new Chromeballincidents!

ATM said...

That new deal part is severely underrated.

ODB said...

This pic needs acknowledgement, one of my all-time favs:

ray said...

nice one, chops

seriously one of the nicest people and one of my favourite skaters

Old School Sammy said...

Absolute GEM of a post Chops---this guy is both underrated as well as amazing!

Alex Valich said...

I remember meeting Kenny back in 1990 or so when he was this little kid from upstate NY skating for Dogtown. Even back then he had the same style he has now. Super nice guy. I hadn't seen him in a few years and then out of nowhere I see him at a bar in the LES in 1996 and he is the same persona as he was when I first met him. Totally wanted to hang out, drink... whatevs. Even to this day he stays in touch and I think that's a true testament to his character. Besides that his style is illmatic.

Keith said...

Dude used to ride for a board company in Canada called Cherry Bombs. McCrank was pro for them, then went back to am when he got on a real company.

Traveling and skating... great combo! When I was in Budapest in July, I saw these slanted ledges at a spot. When I got back, I saw some footage of him skating them.

t.a. said...


ATM: You say it so well.

t.a. said...

And Olof: Koston is married, man.

rthdghuyfy said...

Ithink that whole video is underrated, especially Ricky Oyola yhe rugged street king of all times.
An dsorry, he is married. Traveling with whife and child, appproved by our Lord.