chrome ball incident #537: haunted and nervous

That McTwist is still one of the rawest things ever...

Tobin and Cards flex on USA Today for Big Brother #5, amongst other goodies.

Utmost respect.

Have a good weekend everyone. I'm pooped.

Big up to DLX.


smorales said...

It's cool when the title gets you stoked before you even have to look at the pictures. Best post ever contender?

rthdghuyfy said...

Once again, thank's for not having to find that old Big Brother mag in the chaos downstairs.
Remember when I read that interview I was like, can you smoke that much weed and still do the thing's he does on a skateboard?!
Now that I'm older I know a bit more about weed and understand why It's the whole World's drug of choice.
I'm too old to get zooted, got bills to pay and things to do.
Kid's, just say NO to drugs.
Great post as allways, Thank you!

Paul said...

I've just watched the Cardiel Epicly later'd yesterday night.Thanks for that good post and have a nice weekend!

Royce said...

540, not a mctwist. =)

There is an ad with john doing a 540 on a ramp and it is snowing. It is crazy.


Anonymous said...

Is there footage of that wallenburg slam?

Ben said...

That usa today interview was the shit. "Annual age progression in years". Thanks for posting that one.

Keith said...

Cardiel Black Label candy ad... Cards, Henry, Jaycee?

That Thrasher SOTY newspaper thing is funny.

JayCee said...


Ha! Never knew that was in an ad. You guys are some damn good detectives. I think that was right after John BS 180'd The Gonz.

chops said...

thanks guys.

smorales, this is the 9th Cardiel post (not counting his guest post) and I'm still posting covers... and theres so much left. I've said it before but the amount of quality coverage this guy put out in such a relatively short time is superhuman and testament to his talent.

Thanks Royce, i always screw that up. haha. And that snow 540 is in a previous post.

Anon1, not that i know of... but maybe a thrasher video or something.

Keith, bingo.

haha, yeah Jaycee, didn't realize that photo was used for something until just now. crazy.