chrome ball incident #515: worn copy

kinda tired tonight... default settings kicking in.

legendary Gonz interview from Poweredge, 1990.

no brainer.

"Read this interview with a smile and don't take too much of it seriously."


Anonymous said...

Wow, how crazy is the ollie in that second photo? To land on a ledge that narrow after that gap? Reminds you just how incredible the dude is.

smorales said...

That Wilkins description is so good. Is the post title an Ariel Pink reference or just an apt description of how most things Gonz related end up?
Never seen the photo of that thin ledge, crazy.

Keith said...

Gap to narrow ledge is amazing.

Power Edge had it moments and this interview was one of them! Sequence of jumping over a car is great.

Well done E.

Anonymous said...

How did he even PUSH from the ledge he ollied from???

Anonymous said...

1:29 in this
Real to Reel was my daily pre-skate video for a long time.
Side note: M.G. is my mom's favorite skater.

mikebythesun said...

Nice choices, Chops.

Love that darkslide shot. And every shot of that dude ever doing a boneless is priceless. Long live the Gonz.

While i have chance, I gotta suggest the Nomad as a future feature. Got to meet Mr Danforth at the Mike V skatepark tour this week. Always thought that dude was the meanest looking skater ever growing up. Dude was one of the nicest I've ever met, took a pic with me and my son.

Royce said...

Eggplant of beauty and the sign kick. Goodness.

chops said...

Yeah, that skinny ledge gap is bonkers. That photo really drives the point home.

smorales, both. Thanks.

anon3, my mom's favorite skater to this day is still Steve Caballero.

Mike, i've been toying with the notion of some big Alva team post... and yeah, a Danforth post would be nice for something different. Maybe "mongo week" or something...

1up, Royce. Thanks guys.

Scott K said...

I've been looking all over the place for that Krooked ad where he's front rockin an extension. You gotta find that, pllllleeeeeaasssseee!!