chrome ball incident #508: motor away

"everyone expects you to land every trick, every try... I never land tricks."

felt like some heath bangers today.

...backside lipslides down handrails will never not look cool.

and can someone please tell me what song this is? gracias.

happy birthday elaine!


platinumseagulls said...

Rolling Thunder was, to really reach with a metaphor, my skateboard video surrogate mother until Mouse came out. Had Girl never sucked me in I think my skateboard world identity would have turned out completely differently.

Heath was more of a favorite then than he is now, though I've got nothing but respect for the guy.

And yes Chops, backside lipslides on rails will always be cool, though I have to rank Kirchart one position behind Ethan Fowler on the backlipping scale.

I wonder if he's been riding an 8.5 all the way since that kickflip front board?

I Have Sex With My Glasses On said...

His co part with Klien in The End was one of my favorite parts of all time.

xrt666 said...

Jennifer 12 and the Ski Patrol

Beatie Boys

No Refund

Velocity Girl

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Frank Hirata




I know this don't give the spefic band , but it's one of these.
Got that from skim the fat .com

Anonymous said...

i know its not Velocity Girl, that was Wild Wil Taylor song.

Anonymous said...

I liked Stevies quote about him in that recent skateboarder mag, he said something along the lines of, "doing just fine without condiments, don't put anything on his hamburger, he kick flips 20 stairs."

Loo Ganida said...

That Sight
Unseen part
is one of my
all time fave
from any video
Heath is RAD!!!

Watson said...

No Hook Ups Shoes ads? Sparing him the embarrassment?

Rolling Thunder was the first video I ever purchased. Love it. Paul Sharpe post?!

Anonymous said...

True legend. Nowadays throwing your carcass down stuff is normal I suppose. As far as the greatest backside lipslides go has anyone ever done a double kink like Arto did at 3:25 ever???


I don't recall. My first memory of BS lip slides on rails is Jason Carney in some H-Street promo or something.

Anonymous said...

My guess is no refund and ballard/swank somehow playing instruments or maybe Fluf?

Anonymous said...

Props for the GBV reference. Know where I can get any columbus tickets for less than $300?...geez.

chops said...

platinum... good call on ethan.

yeah watson, i showed him some mercy. the only thing that may have been worse than those shoes were the ads.

and paul sharpe is a good idea.

jason carney is correct, good sir. "not the new h-street video". the isolator. (was that the song?)

yeah, its gotta be fluf or no refund.

and thanks for catching that, fellow gbv fan. i was actually at their last columbus show in '04... a week before that place became notorious and got shut down. $300!?! Bob's getting SO wasted.

Keith said...

I got stoked on Heath after BatG. Dude has been on some next level shit for so long. His Mind Field part blew me away. I wasn't expecting it. How long can you toss yourself like that?

David W said...
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David W said...

It's No Refund. That was Mike Ballard's punk band in the early nineties. Ballard was the Foundation team manager until about the time Rolling Thunder came out. Transworld also did a one pager on them at some point.