chrome ball incident #503: insecurity

one of my all-time favorites, the tempster.

i always loved the fact that the ed haters club (a big brother joke that went on for years) was essentially only one dude writing letters under different Bonanza-inspired aliases. incredible.

...and that "destroy toy machine" ad is amazing on so many levels.

i guess this is old but its new to me. funny shit.

in unrelated news, best shit ever.
(my h-street trivia is hella weak)

and those finding themselves in pittsburgh on friday, please come.



Tony Moore said...

Hell yeah Tempster, hell yeah skate nerd & hell yeah Chrome Ball!

dedleg said...

Templeton is awesome - one of the true originals. That Thunder ad is sick.

scott said...

Damn chops, you're on a roll! One of my all time favorites. My friends used to call me templeton because I would skate in tight blue or khaki slacks all the time. I took it as a compliment, but eventually switched over to looser fitting pants. I lived in SD in the mid 90s, I really had no choice in the matter.

Bif said...

Chops, you're the best!
The past few posts have made my crappy week bearable.

Thank you much,

P.S. The year Ed broke his neck, I was still recovering from Reconstructive Spinal Surgery and I had to wear one of those goofy neck braces, so when Halloween rolled around I thought it would be funny to make a "Broken Neck Ed Templeton" costume. All it took was a Toy Machine T-shirt, some Cargo Pants and a spot of white spray on hair dye (to mimic the spot of hair that Ed rubbed off when he fell and broke his neck). I was already wearing the neck brace and it ended up being a spot on costume.

P.P.S. Yes, I know I'm a nerd .

smorales said...

so rad. that ad with his dad is pretty gnar. unlike any other ad I've seen and yet somehow normal in a toy machine context.

Anonymous said...

Templeton is sick as fuck. Been around for a long time, always done his own shit and never "sold out" what he believed in or forced it on others.

BPC said...

I've always loved this story about Ed's grandparents and the mystery box...

"One letter in particular was sent because of a caption on a photo of me in a skateboard magazine said, “Ed Templeton subliminally worships the devil” (written because of the hand gesture I was subconsciously making in the photo.) My grandparents took this 100% literally and demanded that I get a public apology from the magazine to protect my image, - or that if I had “indicated an interest in satanic worship” that I would do well to keep it out of the public light."

More here:
Ed Templeton, This Box

Keith said...

Schmitt Stix and early New Deal Ed is some classic shit! Thanks!

Keith said...

And skate nerd is awesome. Hope they do more of them. Carroll vs. Howard was a perfect first one.