chrome ball incident #500: public domain

Q: "What do you think your biggest contribution to skateboarding has been?"
A: "Hopefully giving it a positive image."

Dude was the man when I first started skating over 20 years ago and he's still blowing minds today. The icon.

"He's born with a gift that no one else will ever have. People talk shit on him now... its like, dude... you can't beat Tony Hawk. He's still the best." -Jake Phelps.

Thank you for the insane amount of support you have given to the chrome ball incident. To everyone that has sent emails, posted links, left comments, dissed me or hooked me up with whatever... muchos gracias.

Special thanks to my friends at DLX, Nike SB, Skateboarder, Heel Bruise, Mighty Healthy, Epicly Later'd, Autobahn, the Tap, OneUp, Skate Daily, Police Informer, Skateboard Mag, TWS and all the other mags out there that either don't know or don't care about me pillaging through and reposting their pages.

Big up to Peel, Sissi, Chan, JayCee, Cards, Jim T, JRog, Don P, Seb, Royce, Brink, Stoner, Shinebox, Watson, Beats, Lint and all those poor bastards that agreed to suffer through my interview questions and actually took the time to come up with answers for me. Gratitude.

Thank you Blender and Jenkins. Thanks everybody.


Anonymous said...

Perfect #500.

Here's to 500 more.

brandon getty said...

switch 5

awww shucks

ATM said...

Congrats, chops! Thanks for making weekday mornings and rainy days bearable. Here's to another 500 posts.

And I gotta say... when I started skating, I was so stoked that Tony's birthday was the day before mine.

Brandon Oelling said...

You nailed it!

Cheaps said...

Good choice bro - well done yet again.

scott said...

congratulations chops! thanks for all your hard work, its much appreciated! i agree with everyone, great choice for #500. keep up the great work!

Royce said...

You deserve every bit.

iSapien 1956672 said...

Great Post, here's a pic of me in 1987 ---> http://j.mp/aTP0Cu

E.RICKS said...

Yeah he he got me on Powell Peralta. Yeah he asked me to ride for Birdhouse when they first got started..
Thanks Tony...

-kw said...

We dig it.

Anonymous said...

sick blog, amazing interviews. dayton ohio loves the chrome ball incident. heres to 500 more.

Anonymous said...

and cleveland too.

sprntrl said...

Cheers Eric. Congrats on number 500. Looking forward to many more epic posts.

Justin said...


That invert photo with the sky is awesome.

Best wishes for the next 500.

Old School Sammy said...

Awesome post for #500 Chops! Save the next epic Hawk post for #900! Great blog, and big ups to you for all your hard work celebrating our life style choice of skating.

Anonymous said...

Which skater has the most magazine covers? Tony?

Keith said...

solid 500. Definitely mucho respect for Tony Hawk. I don't think I've put a single penny in his pocket though. Never owned anything Birdhouse or bought any of his Powell stuff.

That switch mctwist is awesome.

The back-up 500 is gonna be sick too! Well done E.

mb said...

Congrats on the 500 Chops. You can't front on a bit of Tone. The slo - mo part from Ban This is always a winner, switch vert tricks 20 years ago is no joke. I've got a sizeable stash of mags, decks, T's, vids etc and the more I lurk on various blogs ( yours, skate and annoy, you will soon etc ), the more I think I should do my own low tech, UK flavoured one. Do you think anyone would be into it? Here's to another 500 and I'll get thatGSD footage up soon.

Loo Ganida said...

Happy 500th!
nice one too!
Always loved
watchin his part
in Public Domain.
That street ollie
ad is Rad even
if ti's a Tracker
ad. It was always
cool to see what
Tony was goona do
with the 540 next:
ollie, kickflip
switch.... longboard!

Here's to another 500!
Thanks Chopper!

Anonymous said...

as mainstream as he got, tony will always be awesome in my eyes. happy 500

peel said...

Much love and respect, Chops! I am glad to see so many people who appreciate all your hard work...

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! congrats your blog is the shizzle bam fitz bam jizzles

Bif said...

Thank you for 500 great posts!

JRog said...

Congrats on #500 Chops!

Best. Site. Ever.

Thanks for your dedication mang!

chops said...

thanks for all the comments, everyone.

isapien, love the photo.

what's up ERicks.. didn't realize you were still slumming it around here. good to see you, homie. how come you didn't switch over to birdhouse at the time?

thanks kw.

thanks justin, keep doing your thing.

who has the most magazine covers? honestly, not sure... tony, d way... maybe jamie thomas

mb, go ahead man. more the merrier.

thanks peel.

big up jrog. thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the #500 & the big event coming up!
You kick ass! JD

Andrew said...

Not sure if this post was larger than usual, but it seemed huge and it got me so stoked. I know you gave much thanks to lots of people, but really.. thank you. I just need to look at CBI to get pumped to skate. Rad blog, rad skating, rad passion.

mikebythesun said...

Happy 500! Keep up the great work. Best part of my day is my morning coffee with my little boy on my lap reading the latest post.

Hawk may have pushed things too mainstream for my liking, but the guy has always had integrity and has always skated his ass off. To many he's the best ever... whether or not that is true is debatable, but no one doubts he deserves to be considered for that honor.

antoinucci said...
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antoinucci said...

I love your blog, really.

Here's my share about this Tony Hawk post :

Keith said...

Chicken skull graphic is iconic.

Bsina said...

I'm making a longboard (skateboard) and i need help on what type of wood to use and where to get it?(live in Australia, Victoria) it needs to be strong, flexible and durable.