chrome ball incident #478: classic endless rhythm

Decided to have a little fun today with some old school Christian. Kinda hard not to get stoked on a 10ft air... though I do think people seem to forget about my man's street ability.

And am I crazy or is Christ said to be the first to ollie the Brooklyn Banks wall?

Regardless, I figured Hosoi would be a nice bookend to Monday's Cab post and a good way to start the weekend.

I'm pooped.

Thanks for all the support everyone.

P.S. Things are in the works.


smorales said...

That one with Gonz in the background is so sick. Attack mode.

JayCee said...

Was the title an homage to his kids? haha Awesome!

Him and Tommy made me want to get some Jimmy'z so bad! I remember getting some shirts, but the rest of the gear was pretty pricey for back then.

I think my favorite story about Christian was in that Jason Jessee interview where he said he had rung up a huge phone bill in Europe and Christian had just won the contest and handed him 3 Grand and said "Pay me back whenever, holmes". I just wish I could've been there to see his face and hear that come out of his mouth.

Him and Cab will ALWAYS be those dudes to me.

Unknown said...

Great post again bro! I never had a chance to see him skate in person but I have all the old school videos of him killing it! His documentary gave me a new respect for him!

Perfect timing for the Pro-Tec Pool Party this weekend where Hosoi will be blasting out of that Combi in the Masters contest.

The PPP will be broadcast live on FuelTv.com this Saturday @ 6 pm est.

Karoumy said...

youtube commenter said it best: go spandex!

damnit, why doesn't fuel tv work for me (in canada)?

Old School Sammy said...

Awesome way to end the week--LOVE the title of the post! LOL

Keith said...

I really enjoyed the Hosoi documentary as well. I never knew Eddie Reategui was such good buddies with him.

The clouds in that 2nd to last scan really contrasts that air amazingly with the huge stadium of fans.

Before I got my first real pro model skateboard, I wanted a set of white Hosoi Rockets so badly. Unfortunately, I never saw them in any shops so I ended up with blue Bullet 60mm 95a combos.

Sleezy Bone said...

Sir, you are correct about Hosoi being the first to take on the Banks wall. I remember getting the Thrasher coffee table book Insane Terrain when I first started skating, and being blown away by the rawness of the photo of it.

mikebythesun said...

Much respect to Holmes, now more than ever.

chops said...

good lookin' on the title, jaycee. and yeah, i had a pair of Jimmy'Z shorts... zebra print. wow, they were ugly.

keith, i had oj teamriders, bullets 66s and slimeballs... but I never had rockets either. bummed.

thanks guys

Mel said...

How tall is Christian?