chrome ball incident #469: ahonetwo, ahonetwo

swamp rat. super good.

At the time, it seemed perfectly reasonable with how fast skateboarding was moving... but I never realized there was only a span of 3-years from Sal's intro am part in Hokus to his pro "retirement" part in Virtual Reality.

never seen this before.

sat down over the weekend and watched my copy of Hokus Pokus for probably the first time since junior high... still amazing.

actually got so psyched that I ended up skating in some parking lot at 4 in the morning... doing big spins and one-foots half-drunk singing "dollar on a platter".

so fun.

big up to my girl peel, my new favorite skater.


mikebythesun said...

Sal Barbier is one of the more underrated (in terms of name recognition by skaters today) yet essential skaters of the H-Street era. Hokus Pokus set the bar for skating at the time and Sal was a big part of that standard.

Hokus is probably among my top 5 vids of all time. Most of that skating still holds up to today.

Wonder what he's doing now. Much respect to Sal.

DR said...

Get this guy on a BMX and you have fireworks. Fireworks I tell ya!

Lucas said...

The third shot--is that the drive-by graphic with the baby on the wagon?

brainwashvictim said...

One of the best styles ever. Unfortunately, it didn't translate very well to video.

This is him on the back (from almost a year ago).

Skate Nazi said...

Got a job or anything?


Legend is a word that gets thrown around a lot but this dude is sure deserving of the title.

And what about the shoes?
The first Etnies Sals were one of the best skate shoes of all time, bar none.

Oh, and love that cookie monster death metal screaming he did in that one commercial in an old 411, think it was for Etnies but not sure.

stephen said...

that launch ramp clip was rad. i dunno... skating launch ramps in the mid to late 80's was so fun! people don't really do early grab judo airs and shit anymore huh... fuck skating is still rad but i wouldn't ever wanna change the era i grew up skating during (1985 when i was 10yrs old - present). got to see soo much change during that time. just the change from 1985 to 1995 was crazy! those ten years were like a roller coaster ride. love your site man... get to re-live great memories on the daily while takin a break from work. ahhh.. work... blah... gotta get back now. :(

Keith said...

Legend for sure. Kids these days just don't know...

Wasn't Sal doing team manager duty for Zoo a while ago and then the same for Plan B for a second?

K said...

who cares if sal retired in virtual reality. dude was responsible for the two ILLEST skate shoes of all time. hell, the original sal 23s were so dope they had to reissue them TWICE.

go ahead and marinate on that while i go watch questionable for the umpteenth time.

Luke Petty said...

I had the brown gum suede 23s and then some new red n white ones with a strap ha both very nice though. Love Questionable part so so so much with that track, "my skin is really brown even though its labeled black" heavy amount of Hiero in that vid love it!

and I love those noseslides he does, really quick style. I think his style was sick man. He had a nice disaster in Ryde or Die too in Clydes section.

H Street videos were full of such memorable stuff im only 20 but I can "feel the vibe" from those vids/times. I got a dollar on a platter ,addictive music they had in there.

I forget about Sal but have soo much good stuff to say about his skateboarding carreer.

Good post good photos!