chrome ball incident #466: work

its taken way too long to get the beast from the east up in here.

not afraid to go big or come with the slick tranny skills... and always looked good doing so.

plus, he'll bust your ass.

always loved this part.

good to see kenny back in the mix.


Anonymous said...

Damn, that was my favorite part in 3rd eye view also, I was so stoked he skated to Gangstarr. Went so well. He is massive, a B.A. type, incredibly smooth. Tell you what, I cannot WAIT to see some new footage from
Glad you mentioned his trick selection, he's got it all, even in his world tour part he's got that sick back180 fake 5-0 on that bump to flatbar with the beanie w/pom-pom. It's as fresh as Gino!

Keith said...

nice! Dude is a monster for sure. I wonder what happened to him the past several years... he had the Blind bro board last year and now an Arcade pro model.

His mini ramp shit in Underachievers was straight up smooth.

Sloppy said...

I don't remember it word for word, but he had that great Big Brother quote that was like, "Hey, not all black people smoke weed!" when someone on the staff offered him some. I don't know why I remember that, but I always thought it was really funny.

Anonymous said...

On one of those Larry Perkins calls to DC he's talking to one of the ladies in the office about Kenny Hughes and the lady says something like "oh he's such a respectful sweet young man" in like a grandmother's tone of voice. It always sticks out now when I hear Kenny Hughes' name.

JRog (Rogers Back) said...

Hell yeah, Kenny on the Chrome Ball!

Some of those mini-ramp photos must've looked crazy in real life! Dude is massive in person. Makes an 8" look like a freestyle board in some of his old parts.

He healthy, we filming a full length...fuck an "episode."

Working on a lot of little webprojects as well...but I digress.

Thanks for the link to Arcade, Chops! Keep killing it doggie!

rob e beats said...

I borrowed 3rd Eye View from you in 9th grade. Skated to his part everyday before I went out. Hopefully you got it back! Skated in khakis too.

R.I.P. Guru

chops said...

didn't know hughes was gonna be on Aesthetics right before it got swallowed up by zoo... very interesting.

anonymous, b.a. is a really good comparison man. never thought of that way...

thanks JRog... critics drown in they sinks, kid. haha Thanks for the arcade link homie.

Beats, didn't we get that at Sunsports in C-Bus? Yeah, I still got it. And did I ever tell you I found that "lost" copy of Video Days that I spent blaming you for 5 years for? Sorry man. haha

chops said...

And since we're on the subject, check out Jason's mission statement over there at arcade.


good shit.

Skate Nazi said...

Would have paid money to see Kenny stomp Jereme Rogers when dude talked all that shit to him.

Kenny must have been laughing his ass off like a pitbull does when a chihuahua yaps at it.

Anyway, always liked big Hughes since New Deal days.
Also remember being really impressed with his transition skills when I saw all the mini ramp shit in those Eastern Exposure videos.

Keith said...

mission statement at arcade is awesome!

Keith said...

I can't find any clips on the web of the mini ramp shit. It was so good.

lp said...

Firstly dope photos! EE3 and 3rd eye view = smooth big amazing shit. Gangstarr too, gonna go watch that shit right now hyped! Photos are amazing. I hope that massive long 5050 is a make amazing shit.

secondly arcades back?! I used to love that company had a very nice board once and there vid with Joey and Malcolm Watson was sick.

lp said...

And Element world tour too. Hardflip grab fakie whoaa.