Guest Post: John Cardiel

Cards sits down to talk about some of his all-time favorite photos.

**The Cardiel Incident**

This was one of the first photos that I saw when I started skating. It let me know that there were people outside of my world that loved skating.

Dave Hackett is throwing himself at the coping. You can just tell he knows how to skate.

I always wanted to capture that feeling.

Seeing this photo of the Gonz at Alcatraz was psycho.

I later went there with my family. That tranny is super tight.

This let me know that Mark Gonzales was magic.

Railsliding rails was super scary your first time, let alone grinding rails.

Natas was busting super hard and it always showed.

From the videos to the photos, he kept us fighting to progress.

This sequence of Tim Jackson got me stoked on looking at stuff differently.

I remember doing wallrides all day, coating walls with wheelmarks.

Seeing Tim combine the wallride to railslide was inspiring.

I was always stoked on seeing the action down at Venice Beach.

It seemed like they were really into skating and their scene was raw. They jammed up plywood to walls and sick jump ramps. It was rad.

This photo of Aaron Murray was sick. You can see that he is gettin' his!!

Aaron is a raw ass skater and this is a raw ass photo.

This photo of CoCo in Amsterdam was wicked!

We were on a trip to the contests in Europe and all the vert champs showed up to the ramp that we were skating. CoCo didn't show them any mercy!

No pads. No rules. Just CoCo on fire! It was awesome.

This photo of Henry switch krooked grinding Hubba is awesome.

In so many ways, Henry was the gnarlyest dude at Embarcadero. In those times, we would hear everyday of the new stuff he would do.

He would push faster than anyone and get super-pissed until he made shit. It was awesome to see him pioneering through them ledges.

He made you wanna rip.

Quim Cardona!!!

Man, seeing him skate is amazing. And look at this spot!

Quim goes all out and that's what gets me hyped. He never does anything "kinda".

Good spots and great skaters will never get old.

This is a rare boneless photo of Julien. Especially because of Richard Kirby being on the deck.

We had gone down to Peru and Jake had brought Richard along. He was a natural ripper.

To see Julien doing this boneless was awesome. It seemed that Julien was schooling Richard on how to relax and cruz with an elaborate bag of tricks other than the hyper-injected ramp assault that Richard was accustomed to.

Skating with your friends and making fun of them is the best, whether you are thousands of miles away or just at the local curb.

We are street urchins inhabiting parking lots and city streets, mingling with other street creatures and skating until never.

Julien has a unique way of poking fun yet embracing the good. This ad sums it all up.

Big up the chrome ball.



chops said...

Chrome Ball's finest moment.

Thanks John.

It has been an honor.

chops said...

oh yeah, chrome ball will return on tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't even find the words.



ben colen said...

this is an amazing post. you guys should do more of these.

Anonymous said...

god damn this is just insane !

Anonymous said...

John Cardiel, you are an inspiration. This is truly an incredible piece.

Chops, such a pleaure to watch this site evolve. Great job as usual. Please dont stop.

And as a longtime reader, I often enjoy how people seem to think there is an entire team behind chrome ball and that you never seem to care enough to correct them. So I'm doing it.

You deserve better than a blog.

smorales said...

that aaron murray photo is awesome.

the john cards incident.

huphtur said...

chops: you just pat duffy questionabled the chrome ball brog. how the hell you gonna top this?

Anonymous said...

I would say this week was just not-stop home-runs up until the very end, that was a GRAND-SLAM. I don't know how you did it, but you did. I hope you realize how many folks mornings you contribute to, this site makes coffee and waiting for class a great time. Starts the morning off way proper. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit!
I didn't think all those recent interviews could be topped. But this is such a great way to do it. Super interesting to hear his take on all those photos. And yeah, that Aaron Murray one is sick.
Another great post.

ATM said...

This just made my fucking night. Big thanks to both chops and cards.

Andreas said...

This site is getting better and better. Great job Chops. You are always choosing the right people to interview or to work with. Especially in this post. It's a pitty to not have the European contest circus anymore. It was great to have all the skaters touring through Europe.

Paul said...

Totally stoked on this one!

wellawella said...


dedleg said...

Incredible! Pulling out all the stops.

This was just great. Thanks Cards for the insight and Chrome Ball for bringing the heat!

daveofquarrel said...

Coolest post ever, wow.

Anonymous said...

TIM JACKSON! Talked to him at the Venice Park opening in October - Cool as ever. Awesome post - and yeah - that photo of Fingers rules.

dylan said...

Cardiel!! How are you going to top this??

davis said...

The andy roy ad is the heart of what antihero is all about.Thanks for posting this up cards.This blog ALWAYS gets me stoked to get out there and skate.

stephen said...

i gotta agree with that early venice scene being pretty fucking raw. just look at that aaron fingers murray shot... unbelievable!!!

Unknown said...
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Andy Stone said...


peel said...

You killed it on this one, g. We will be watching his Epicly Later'd this weekend again.

I love that Henry photo!

Thanks, John. You have made many peoples' day!!!

Keith said...

Well done E. John Cardiel's got mad love for the Venice slashers.

Enjoy the tea.

Old School Sammy said...


mb said...

Amazing! Always stoked on anything to do with Cards and it just makes it better to know he was stoked by the same stuff back in the day sas I was. Let's see a Tim Jackson post! For me he's definitely in the same category as guys like GSD, " Under rated street pioneers".

Harriet Alana said...

yessss! enjoyed looking and reading. cardiel, you are my favourite skater and are such an inspiration. you show that you can do anything if u just put your mind to it :) i am a girl n i never thought id be a skater this time a year ago and now i am. i have done some drawings of you too, one of which is on my blog somewhere, i have just done another one i will scan it and post it soon. www.alanasartwork.blogspot.com
thank you John Cardiel :) x

Henry said...

Tim Jackson... that's a name from the past. I actually saw him once- we heard Eric Dressen was going to be at the local shop (he was on tour or something)... and it was true. There he was, just like in Speed Freaks. And Tim Jackson was there, too- there were waist-high planters on the sidewalk, and he was doing layback wallride rock n rolls... it was strange to see that at a strip mall in Georgia.

r.kirby said...

wow, what an honor to be mentioned by john cardiel. john and julien were and are two of my favorite skateboarders, they are the true essence and embodiment of what it truly means to be a skateboarder at heart, so deep it is the lifeline of their souls. john hit the nail on the head with julien schooling me on how to just lay back and cruz and ooze with style.
thanks for the compliments. thanks for the interviews and articles and thanks for hosting this blog. such a great read every time.

mikebythesun said...

Hell yeah, Chops. Not that you needed the extra cred, but having one J. Cardiel guest post must have you STOKED! This is simply awesome.

John, thanks for doing this. Its always interesting to learn what inspired those who themselves are inspiring. We certainly share some heroes and some favorite pics/ads. That Gonz Alcatraz shot in particular, to me, always representing what skateboarding is - a location that was so obviously not intended to be skated being turned into a spot that would inspire thousands of skaters. Since first seeing this pic 20+ years ago, every time I heard the word Alcatraz I thought of Gonz ripping that tranny, not the hopelessness that usually comes with thinking of prison. Like you said, "magic".

Keep inspiring, brother.

jeremyrandallsk8 said...


chops said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. And once again, thanks to Cards for doing this.

If someone would have told me 2 years ago when I started CBI that it would lead to things it has, I would've laughed in your face.

How do I plan to top this? I don't. Its all downhill from here.

Ben, email me. Considering this site is largely a love letter to both DLX and Girl, I'd be down for anything.

Anon2, thanks man. Means alot. I hate pointing shit out like that cause i think it seems arrogant but you're right. Its just me (well... and now Cards). Though I do at times enjoy people thinking I am more than one person... in a madlib/kool keith kinda way.

And since we're on the subject of rumors, yes i do have a full-time day job... a soulcrushingly dull one that doesn't pay shit and that I hate with all my being (sound familiar? we have so much in common.) i don't do this for free cause I have money, I do it for free cause I have really bad business sense.

Thanks Stone and Kirby. Thanks everyone.

P.S. that Chany post a few months back... John's request.

Watson said...


Kevin J said...

It's funny, no one could ever say they "like" Cardiel. You fucking love his style or your ignorant, one of the two options.

Just a simple thanks. Great interview. Keep them coming.

Rune said...

agree with Watson!

George said...

Incredible. Chromeball is fucking sick and this is the icing on the cake! Thx a lot for this!

The Notorious B.I.F. said...

I just finished re-watching John Cardiel's episode of Epicly Later'd. I'm a bit bummed it "only" lasted 80 minutes, cause I could easily watch a 100 hour Documentary on John. Thankfully Chops has put up a bunch of posts on him. I fucking love John Cardiel! He is pure joy on Skateboard. He has done so many gnarly things in Skateboarding, but for me the gnarliest thing he has done is... not give up. After his accident he could have. He could have believed the Doctors, when they said he'd never walk again, but he didn't. I love that John kept fighting and is able to ride his board again. He gives me hope. I'm a Skateboarder, I'm also Physically Disabled and in recent years I've had many Health issues that led to a few setbacks that have caused me to louse a lot of the "ability" I did have. I have not been strong enough to Skate since these setbacks. I'm not looking for pity. I only mention this because John Cardiel & his story inspired me to keep trying. I for the first time in a very long time feel (with a lot of hard work) I will Skateboard again.


Thank You John,