chrome ball incident #429: the cuckoo clock

Quick injection featuring the underrated and understated all-terrain ripper, Chany J.

And no, I'm not sure how to say his last name either.

Forgot how amazing this part is. Wowzers.

On the personal tip... if anybody out there has that Real ad with Chany busting a 540, I'd be most appreciative to have a scan sent my way.

Thanks guys.


DLTDA said...

Nice post. can't forget this gem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33KVglvljOM

although I think it looks really weird that he rocks jeans and skates vert, you can't deny the dude has a great style on the vert ramp and in the street

K said...

how to pronounce dude's name:

chany (shaney)
jeanguenin (jawn-geh-neen)

All those years in La France come in handy. For real for real..

Keith said...

J is pronounced as a Y?

Always forget how good this guy was/is. First time I ever saw footage of him was in those old 411's. Quite a few of those old PE/Rhythm guys were good but never got a lot of attention. Lambert, Angelides etc.

How does he stay in the States for so long? Special visa for the Swiss? Or something to do with being a company owner? Is he part owner of Exp-One?

That Hiatus part is amazing for sure. The filming is really shaky though. Unfortunate! Nice to see some Vancouver footage in there though. Rhythm part is solid too.

I'm guessing that Real Check Out was from around 94, which puts him around 33. Old man! But still shreds.

Anonymous said...

I love Chaney.

Definitely an overlooked dude, but one who's got it all on lock, really.

Anonymous said...

dudes ill always tripped out on his skating in the transworld vids. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10100110100111