chrome ball incident #422: master of the globe

"before 9/11, I was skating flushing meadows park... and after 9/11, I was skating flushing meadows park. where have I been skating lately? flushing meadows park."

the o.g. el toro, east coast legend rodney torres.

have a good weekend.

and check this out if you haven't already... best shit i've seen in a long time.


Adrian said...

There was a sequence somewhere of him doing a switch tres crooked grind.

It was one of those crooked grinds where you go over the corner of the block too.

smorales said...

so I'm guessing Felix wrote the caption for the Rythm ad too then? pretty funny quote rehash. Rodney Torres is rad.

Anonymous said...

kick flip to tre flip into court house was massive and 11ish years ago... 2 page osiris ad i think

Stevie Ites said...

All bangers, even by today's standards. One of the best to come out of NY.

Keith said...

To be honest, I never really noticed this guy back in the day. Maybe not enough footage or coverage. Judging from the pics in the post, he doesn't skate "Eastcoast" style, if there's such a thing. He's a lot more tech IMO flip in/out of manuals, slides and grinds.

I like the no-push line at 0:37 in the embedded clip.

Pang said...

Rodney Torres has been holding it down in New York City forever. From a little annoying kid screaming at me to watch the new trick he learned on the Brooklyn Banks in the early 90's, he evolved into the amazing human being he is today. Hands down Rodney has had some of the most amazing coverage of any New York City skateboarder. The technical wizard is the King of Queens!

Pang Out!

JRog said...

Yeah El Toro! One of the best out of NYC! He took the batwings off of his toy and nailed them to the sides of his first board. And the hood rejoiced. True story.

dedleg said...

Well he ain't skating Flushing Meadows anymore, that's for sure :(

chops said...

adrian, don't recall ever seeing it but it doesn't surprise rodney is a beast.

didn't even know notice that, smorales. haha

anon1, couldn't find it to save my life but I'll keep looking.

what's up Pangstarr!

you too, JRog!

thanks for the comments, fellas. stoked.

Anonymous said...

Great post, he deserves more. For a moment I think he was skating harder than anyone in New York. You just don't front side nose grind nollie flip out off a drop unless you are on it.
Best 30 seconds of "The Storm" by a landslide.