chrome ball incident #416: murmur

nothing beats sheffey back in the day: young, powerful and hungry.

straight-up raw on a handshaped board, his exploits spread by word-of-mouth all over the east coast... already making him a legend well before soldier's story blew him up.


coop said...

Shefffey! This dude's section in mouse is so sick. Straight on 50-50's and switch tre's.

Anonymous said...

I love that mouse section as well. I love that run where he ollies on that little g-string brick ledge and kickflips off, then does the 180 into the street and he's like fingering for the camera man to keep following him. So hyped!
fakie flip and then sw/back tail run are sick too at that school w/the planter box ledges.

German said...

Dope Post once again. Shawn Sheffey is one of the greats in the skate game for sure . His part in Questionable was the sickest when he skates to Fu Shnickens. Nobody to this day skates with that style.
A true skateboard Legend .

cheaps said...

One of the most famous video end quotes ever made "That is the whitest black cop I've ever seen" courtesy of The Shef. How good is this dude.

sprntrl said...

C'mon sheffey, what happended to you return to skateboarding? We need you back dog. One of the ILLEST EVER

June said...

i was sitting with mike ternansky and jason carney in
mike’s aerostar van. at the time, mike was filming for
the planet earth video “now n’ later as well as the life
video. he pops in a cassette is his stereo and playing
is the cowboy song that‘s in the intro to sheff’s part.
mike starts leaking out just a few tricks that sheff did.
i couldn’t believe the shit he was telling us. fakie ollie
over regulation size table... boardslide backside grab
dismount to fakie at corriea... backside 50-50 stall
(waist high round bar!) at corriea...WHAT. then mike
proceeds to tell us that sheff’s part is going to blow
minds. he wasn’t fucking lying.

skateboarding misses you sheff!

Keith said...

He had a few tricks in a Speed Wheels video and then Soldier Story dropped. Straight up crazy.

Sheffey foreground fist with Fabry in the background. Sick pic considering the rumour that was going around about Sheff's wife.

Quinn Davis said...

"I just don't understand the vibe about skating rocks."

Seaver said...

Some somewhat new footage of him here:


he talks about hoping he can get it back before its too late.

I think the video is at this link:


chops said...

thanks guys.

what's up German? The real got nothin' to prove.

big up to sprntrl

june... can't imagine what it must've been like around san diego and to be down with those dudes when the h-street empire was ripping shit apart. can't imagine how much of that crazy shit you experienced firsthand.

thanks for the links seaver. thanks everyone.