chrome ball incident #413: mental stamina

"Skateboarding sets every single trend that's out there right now."

can never go wrong with a little Kalis to start the weekend off correctly.

and if this doesn't get you hyped, try some Lindsay Lohan.

in semi-related news, congrats to YWS on this.

big up to 48 Blocks and bobshirt.


DLTDA said...

Such a sick post. Kalis is easily one of my all time favs. Such a clean style and a 3-flip to kill for. His 6th Sense part was so good, and the lines he had in the Reason were amazing. Not that his other stuff wasn't good too, but to me those parts always have stood out to me. Nice work

DLTDA said...

oh and dude rocked the blue and orange DC Lynx, and made those shoes look so good.

Mike said...

Do you remember his tricks in the H-Street video " Lick " ? :)
Not to mention his huuuuge orange pants !

Keith said...

Kalis kills it! Mono was amazing. I think it's awesome that he posts on the Slap forum.

cheaps said...

Just down to earth and a super clean style always kills it.

Anonymous said...

Kalis was my first favorite skater. Ever since Toy Machine Heavy Metal, skating to Marvin Gaye he had me sold, the line w/the b/s flip over a little wall thing right when the beat knocks. Since then, he's always top 10 til' i D-I-E. haha. nice post.
Did I mention his perfected bag of flip tricks, one of the true masters of style.

Anonymous said...

best part.

Keith said...

His part in the Berrics DC United Nation is amazing... the 2 tricks on the fake hubba (360flip nose, big spin bs tail) are unfuckwithable.

Mighty Whitey said...

What I'd do for a couple pairs of old DC Kalis'.