chrome ball incident #337: xenia

figured i'd go back to the essence for this one... blender's genius topsy-turvy spotlight from '86 with stacy peralta.

these are classic... but I've really been vibing off this one lately.

(i really gotta get one of those timberwolves tees)

and is that clear griptape in the coffee break ad or none at all?

good to be back. got a lot of theme-type posts in the works as well as several requests to take care of.

thanks for stopping by.

special thanks to leaves63.


Anonymous said...

1000 thank you's. i wonder how many shitty "contemporary artists" owe their careers to this guy. the top flick was my home town.(vancouver) that was a rad week.

ILOVEYOU said...

Neil's Neil he just did his own thing hes a rare find in our species. what he said about mainstream taking over skateboarding is so true.
hes the definition of artist, legend, goofball and a true original thanks for this post

oh and wouldn't it be so cool to meet the dude just hanging around with him like in footage doing weird funny antics there needs to be a recent interview with him I wonder what hes up do these days?

JayCee said...

Beautiful post Chops. I loved that Coffee Break board. Skateboarding could use another Neil Blender. I guess that's the point, I don't think another one will come along. I hope the next generation will have someone that inspires them the way he inspired us.

Second you on the Footage video and the Timberwolves shirt.

jamesinger said...

nice work.
I was waiting for this one.

smorales said...

Been patiently waiting for more Blender to come up. Really came through here.
I missed Dino Jr. a few days ago but this relieves some of the pain.

andrew said...

great post holmes

Loo Ganida said...

Neil's Rad!
I love that 80s graffiti at the Seylynn bowl inthe first pic......skate or bate........

what's Neil doing now?

chops said...

thanks guys.

yeah, i believe that was taken was during that 86 worlds fair expo aka the subject of "radical moves"... i hope i'm not the only one that remembers that video.

iloveyou, i always had the roughest time not picturing the footage "trainwreck" every time I saw alex gall skate.

watch out for that bearcat!

yeah jaycee, hard to imagine another guy out there trying to do what blender did but in today's skate world. its just a totally different vibe today. i hope i'm wrong.

looks like i'm also gonna have to miss 'em here in a few weeks, smorales. a combo of having too much other stuff going on and having already seen them so many times. always good though. big up to rob e beats.

yeah loo, that bowl graf is so good. team jaks!

Keith said...

man... I've never even skated the Seylynn snake run in my life and I've been living in Van since 97 lol Been to Griffin a few times though.

Saw Dinosaur a few years ago. J Mascis looks old as dust. Holy crap that was a loud concert. Speaking of reunion tour concerts, stoked to hear about SDRE

Nigel said...

The first board I rode was the Neil Blender so-called "Clown and Dog" graphic. When Black Label re-issued it, I got it again. It's the only board I've ever bought with no intention of riding. It's hanging on my wall now.