chrome ball incident #351: the dark side

90's super-am and chaffey legend, richard mulder.

a vital (and underrated) piece of the chocolate squad back in the day, i always wondered why it took so long to turn him pro...

no mouse part online: bummer.


Anonymous said...

YES! This guy is one of my favorite ledge-oriented skaters. that thrasher cover as well as the last chocolate ad are so good. "actions speak louder than words" I always thought it was funny how silent he is in the chocolate tour. Him and JP jadeed produced my favorite chaffey footage ever
wonder what hosoi skateboards is up to....we can probably never expect a full richard part again

Phil said...

Of course his mouse part is online:
enjoy ;D

Anonymous said...

i always loved this skater, trully underated imo.

one of the best on the chocolate squad in the 90´s.


Keith said...

Darth Mulder... one of the best skateboard nicknames of all time!

He had a blog a while ago but has since taken it down. He does finance stuff now.

So stoked on Richard Mulder. The double ads in the same BB but with 2 different board companies... classic!

Anonymous said...

richard acturally still skates too..
I saw him a year or so ago, at some christian demo.. him,sumner, hosoi, and chad timtim were there.
(im not a christian, but it was a fun course to skate)
Anyhow, hes a really nice dude, and rips.. sorry for the random rant

Stevie Ites said...

Nicest pro I've ever met.

Anonymous said...

SO pumped on this post. Richard always had solid parts and never had any weird after steeze or anything, just skated the way he skated all natural.

Skate Nazi said...

Remember the World ad where Richard Mulder got stolen from Foundation and he was in Rocco's Porsche waving bye-bye?

Those were the days.