chrome ball incident #334: save me

had a few requests for the buttery-smooth east coast staple, jahmal williams and i'm more than happy to oblige. always so clean.

and how fresh is hopps?

(j.fowler post in the works)

nice little interview with jahmal over at thangs & thangs.

speaking of boston, i realize this clip is ancient now by internet standards... but hey, look where you are.

last but not least, stoked on this. seb + bryan = good peoples.

and big up to kayo.


smorales said...

Super. To answer the previous post question: William Dexter Gonzales.

Anonymous said...

the 180 nosegrind is so epic.

Also hyped on that toy machine ad. cool layout and colors on there. They're still good of course, but they all seem too similar nowdays.

thanks for this one

Anonymous said...

I'm so stoked on Jahmal Williams. Great post. Hopps is so dope.

Keith said...

That atm og gonz graphic board that Jamal is riding in the brooklyn banks pic is probably worth so much now due to the limited number that were produced (like all decks in those years). I knew a guy who rode one. Worst wood and concave ever. And the graphic was upside down (might have been intentional).

Hopps is a pretty damn cool company. I've yet to see a deck of theirs in person though. That bs tail slide photo is super good.

Unknown said...

xtra butter. those atm boards were awful. so flat. man infms was gonna be the shit. puleo,hern,hickey,jahmal,keefe,who else. disappeared.

sup on an adi post? that was my shit too.

Anonymous said...

jahmal has the whole package: style, art, nice person, and HOPPS! win win.