chrome ball incident #332: pinto's new car

forgot how much i absolutely love this part...

and I've never seen this one before.

classic quim was so damn ill.

mike cardona r.i.p.

see you next week.

big up to sissi and the carbonite.


Templeton said...

I'd love to see that Virginia Beach article.

Jesse said...

how have i been wrong for so long?!? i've been calling him "kwim" this whole fucking time.

tp said...

Apparently missed that 411 too. Don't know how considering it had a Supreme industry section too. oh well.

Quim was always the man. Such a shame about Mike

smorales said...

That non-fiction part is really good. That video has some of my favorite parts that people put out. The Matt Field opener is sick, he does the most crisp wallride nollie out in there. Huf and Gonz are both amazing among others.
One of my favorite parts of the video is TG and Thiebaud's section after the credits with the accapella doubles, I think it says "keep pushing" or something similar.

Anonymous said...


Paul said...

Legend. Such a unique style, bionic pop and always smiling. Still killing it too.

As said, Non-Fiction is one of the best videos ever made, don't forget the classic Drake Jones part.