chrome ball incident #324: king kong

the very reason why i decided to grow up and abandon switch mongo.

one of my favorites styles going right now... and to think it almost didn't work out for him. glad to see pete eldridge is finally getting his due.



mooraga said...

can't believe he rode for stereo and dvs
can't believe he had glasses
can't believe that in some point he wasn't skating and was working on construction

stoked he is back and getting the recognition that he deserves

Anonymous said...

sooo sick.
His bootleg part was amazinggg

Is there any chance you have some photos of alex moul?
I know its random, but Its pretty hard to come by old photos of mr mouly!

AdamfromVA said...

powerhouse in the game, i was wondering what happened to the dude. Always reminded me of Mike Maldonado and Scott Kane

julian jason said...

the best style at the moments

nice one

Theres something about the way he bends down to pop anything in switch,sooo solid

You can push normally switch? I dont think i will ever get that, im too old

Skate Nazi said...

So it is settled then, right?
There is no "fakie push", only switch mongo, correct?

Either way it looks better when people push switch the same way they push regular (unless of course they are mongo to begin with, then, well, you got problems)

Hell yeah big up to rippers like this that work (or used to work) regular jobs and still kill it.

Fuzzy Juice said...

pete is the fucking man. killing it always.

Keith said...

Dude is good for sure. Never really noticed him much back in the day. He does have a mean switch push for sure. lol. I started skating pushing mongo and thought it was okay for a few years. Then I saw it on video and hated the way it looked so I learned to push with my trailing foot going goofy and regular.

Based on experience, skating is glasses sucks and is pretty limiting. Shit can fall off, tunnel vision etc. I have no idea how someone who jumps down huge shit, like Lindsay Robertson, can skate in glasses.

Anonymous said...

when that switch blunt photo came out, i remember wondering if he slid down the rail on his wheels (pretty random memory)

also, when I skate switch, I push switch... but when I'm going fakie it varies, sometimes I go switch mongo, sometimes not...


Unknown said...

about time