chrome ball incident #310: what a wonderful world

almost everything you do with a skateboard this man invented on a tiny concrete slab in Florida almost 30 years ago.


Keith said...

lol. Those Etnies are hideous.

I like the tws cover of the primo slide through the water shot from below.

The Spike sequence of the bs 360 nollie... look at all the extras on his board! Grip on the bottom of the tail, 1 rail, rip grip everywhere, nose and tail bones. Crazy! And the other photo of the airwalk... not sure why a freestyler would need knee pads haha

Dude is a legend for sure. I can specifically remember the last time I saw him. I was walking down Burrard St to go eat lunch and I saw him outside of the Sutton Place Hotel with tween Sheckler.

Anonymous said...

to keith.
The reason a freestyler would wear a knee pad is..

indy 101's kingpins stuck out quite a bit when the bushings were squished down. So freestylers in the 80's would wear a sideways kneepad, to pretend the kingpin from digging into their leg.

jason from oz said...

Just watched The Man Who Souled The World, so this post is quite apt.

chops said...

yeah keith, those shoes are awful. and yeah, i had a pair. those joints must've had an inch thick layer of rubber on 'em and weighed about 10 lbs. each.

I was looking at all at Rodney's board and i remember he always had an excessive amount of junk on his board... even for back then. What I never noticed though is that he's totally riding his powell board and just covered the graphic with WI stickers.

If I remember correctly, i believe Rodney's dad made him wear full pads and a helmet when he skated growing up... but yeah, i do remember lots of freestyle guys rocking the sideways kneepad. and per welinder and those shin guards.

anybody ever hear that rumor of the kid dying after rector shin guard dye got in an open wound?

Carryout said...

I think everyone should read THE MUTT, the autobiography of Rodney Mullen. It reveals a long and interesting journey, that most people can relate to and empathize with. I dig his humility and his perseverance amidst the massive changes around him. You have to be happy for dude for being as successful as he is.

It's sick he's still skating!

Karoumy said...

that ad/board graphic with the motorcycle and chick is iconic.

i appreciate rodney mullen way more now.

iSapien1956672 said...

The house that Rodney built, I remember reading when it first came out and was all like, whoa! I also had that sequence of the Heli-Pop on my wall in the late 80's.

Keith said...

johnny16tx... LOL. sideways knee pad for kingpin protection while doing pogos. Nice!

To this day, whenever I hear that Cat Stevens song, I think of his Questionable part.

Did anyone notice that he's skating primarily goofy now? Something to do with an injury of some sort.

Anonymous said...

that indy-bone grab is pretty sick, freestyle board or not.

chops said...

keith, i saw mullen at a demo in '90 (right after rubbish heap) and was just surprised at how consistent he was... it think the most number of tries it took him to make something couldn't have been more than four.

i remember he did all this crazy shit then taught some kid how to powerslide for 10 minutes cause the kid asked him how. super nice of him to do but who the hell would ask rodney mullen how to powerslide?

i read that a while back carryout. i liked all the details about rocco but wish there would've been a little more about the tours and the riders from world's golden era. still definitely worth picking up.

didn't he just turn 43? incredible.

Anonymous said...

Saw Rodney on that 1990 world tour as well in the middle of Illinois with a really crappy street course. We were little kids so stoked -he was busting 360 flip manuels. signed autographs and skated with us forever. Chapman, Lee, Dune ere there as well.
Saw a number of World demos back then and all those crazy guys were nice to us little kids.

Anonymous said...

ok, rodney mullen is decent at best-hes got some good trix but daewon is bettter. my question is can he do a double pits to chesty though. sheckler can so if rodney wants to still b the best he needs 2 learn that trick. just my opinion tho

shiftace said...

That flat ollie nosebone is like over waist high and boned as fuck...keep all the super flip tricks and darkslides, that is a bad ass trick. agree that dae won might be hold the title for tech tricks.