chrome ball incident #307: tron

quick little post featuring one of skateboarding's true characters in what is inadvertently becoming chocolate week here at chrome ball, mike york.

lots of stuff in the works here as of late, hopefully everything will pan out and I can maybe tell you guys about it someday.

thanks for the support.


Daniel said...

You have been KILLING IT lately with all these posts from the past two weeks! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve next.

Carryout said...

Mike York was my personal fave.
Definitely made me laugh, but also had really good style too. Best all around character (that's visible to the public) in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Really nice posts, stoked on this Chocolate week you're putting on the page, i was wondering though, what's up with that "three years later" video on the Mike York's ad, just a joke right? And if you could add it up some choc. Pappalardo stuff would be dope! Keep up the good work!

chops said...

thanks guys...

you might be giving me too much credit daniel, but i appreciate it.

carryout, totally agree. was shocked when he was no longer on the team anymore.

i noticed the "three years later" vid in a few chocolate and girl ads around this time.. i guess this mystery video would become mouse(?). Just did some Pops last week so it might be a minute until he comes up again... but you never know.

thanks again.

Keith said...

After Chocolate, he had some pretty bunk sponsors. Mcnatt career suicide style.