chrome ball incident #302: headrush

Pops' 20 Questions from 2001.

I usually try to break up the spreads on these types of articles for the sake of literacy (and legible font size) but I just didn't have the heart to split up the sequences on this one... I think you can still read it though (fingers crossed).

I really gotta get me one of these.


smorales said...

Good read. I messaged to the crailtap question of the day thing asking about getting a Pops bench. Didn't get a response but a few days later Meza himself asked Pops via his column, so I'm guessing they are hard to come by.
Anyway, Anthony is cool.

fauxsure said...

The best guy ever. Skating by himself at 8 a.m. "killin it".

boiltheocean said...

One of my all-time favorite handrail b/s noseblunts right there

Anonymous said...

for 2001 this stuff was pretty unbelievable. One of the coolest skaters out. Its pretty painful to hear kids talk about "that one shitty part in the lakai video" and stuff like that. kids dont know. I dunno

Keith said...

That cement rail 5-0... black leather Staples with white and red foam! I rocked that shit for ages. Love that shoe. Gonna pick up a pair of the re-releases at some point.

Alien era Pops killed it!