chrome ball incident #290: making cash money

That's right, even geezer websites specializing in 20-year-old skate mag scans aren't above a Koston post this week.

Hated to see Frost leave Lakai but seeing him in some Nikes does make sense. Whatevers, I've got no beef with SB.... some damn comfortable shoes and they've always supported chrome ball.

But if Koston ever leaves Girl, that's a different story.

Big up to Pilot Light and the always-incredible Boil the Ocean.


Keith said...

"That's right, even geezer websites specializing in 20-year-old skate mag scans aren't above a Koston post this week."


What up E! Girl Pride!

Keith said...

crickets today.

Must be the lack of Puleo, Reason and Oyola.

chops said...

haha, thanks Keith.

yeah, kinda knew this going into it and almost put something about it in the post... I refer to this as "the Koston Curse." Ever since I started this thing, Koston posts have never seemed to get any sort of reaction whatsoever.

Not that I'm doing these for reactions or whatever (although comments are always very much appreciated), I've just found it odd that for being one of the best street skaters to ever do it, dude is seriously like chrome ball kryptonite.

oh well, I still dig him and this definitely isn't the last Koston post

cheaps said...

Eric Koston always ahead of the game, forgot all about that interview - nice post sir. Any chance of some quality shots from the TWS 98 photo annual? Q. Did Rob Welsh ever have a TWS interview?

tp said...

maybe the Koston posts are quiet because he is the person who takes the words out of your mouth. Many people stand at a spot and talk about what to do. Koston just does it perfectly and raises the bar so high that you are left with nothing to say.

A lot of these other guys are people we have not thought about in a long time or have controversy surrounding there careers so they get a lot of comments. Koston has no controversy. Even Nike. I think the best skater should skate for the biggest shoe company in the world. He deserves to retire happy after bringing so much to the sport.

chops said...

thanks tp, couldn't have said it better myself.

chops said...

oh and cheaps, i don't recall seeing a tws welsh interview but I believe i have one in a skateboarder. I'll look for it.

Anonymous said...

thank you!