chrome ball incident #278: raw power

West Chester brute who I had the privilege of seeing skate again over the weekend.

Always stoked on this dude...


tp said...

when the lyrics "kicking around on a piece of ground in my hometown" hit in his Jump off a Building part kick in, I always get so amped!

Can't believe they skate stopped those ridiculously high ledges at Liberty Place from the first pic. They are so high and only a select few can even skate them.

Mike was always the one who could do all the tricks and ollie so high.

One of my all-time fav's.


Anonymous said...

sleep on Maldanado? Never you mind

Paul said...

Mike Mangatanga...
What happend to him after bootleg?

Btw,this is a trully amazing blogspot!
It took me nearly 3 weeks to go trough all the older issues!
Thanks for doing this chops!

Cheers from Germany

the jackal said...

i don't know how you can dislike mike maldonado. his skating is just so gnarly its exasperating. in all three of those video parts, there's at least one trick that's so big you go "wtf humans shouldn't do that."

where'd he go? i heard he was on city for a bit after baker...what happened?

Royce said...

I was suprised how short he is. Insane power.

Keith said...

Maldonado was on World for a minute post Bootleg.

Luke Petty said...

Mangatanga Malgafrado was on World? Trippy shit. Mike Maldonando is fucking RAW one of my all time favourite skateboarders maaassive pop.

Welcome to hell,feedback,jump off a building,baker2g,plain and simple basically everything hes been in is some of my favourite shit to watch. Theres something about his whole deal thats just so perfect. I heard he was half black too. ???Thanks for this post that bs boardslide is going on my desktop.