#275: please please please let me get what i want

Look's like Guy's Laterd series included one last dummy smack for us in the form of a curveball from a refreshingly-motivated Iannucci. Fingers crossed.

This ain't Escape from New York... somebody get Strobeck on the horn.

Granted that so much has gone down, a full-strength/length part is a tall order... but at this point, I'd settle for a few more no-complies and a ho-ho plant.

Congrats to O'Dell and Grosso on an amazing job.


Anonymous said...

Not a full comeback but at least a couple of bangers.

Doesn't anybody in NYC own a video camera?

smorales said...

gino gino gino. The mind games never end!

peel said...

Congrats for the Later'd credits, g. Don't want to sound cheesy...but you make me very proud...love you.

Anonymous said...

After this one, I think I'm in love with you too, Chops. lol

Keith said...

That sw bs tail on the barrier looks so stylish. He's firmly on my top 5 skate style list along with Jason Lee, Rick Howard and Jovontae. The 5th spot is a tough one for me to fill because I really like the way Lotti, Keenan, Pepe and SJ skate.

I hope he gets some tricks in the new Chocolate video. I hate how vague they are about Gino in those Laterd episodes! He's not revealing his hand and they make it seem like he's balancing on a fulcrum and it's either gonna be little to no footage or monster part.

It sounds like Guy really worked/trained to get back into it (Berrics everyday at 9AM???). I just don't see Gino as the training kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

Gino, please, give us a video part. Not 5 min. long or not never been done before tricks, just a mellow video part, i might be asking too much, but believe me, you would make a lot of people on this planet happy!

cheaps said...

Can't front on the Gino- full stop. Those 101 days were some of the illest. Any chance of a Marcus Mcbride post?

Agostinho said...

shit is soo unfair.

dude just looks soo natural on that ting. bloody heck.

and check that nike ad, sick stuff.

thanks man.

Anonymous said...

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