chrome ball incident #259: mcnasty filth

"Basically I'm a pile of shit and I smoke a lot." -Rob Welsh

dude's the best.

special thanks to everybody over at given.


Seaver said...

Always liked his 5 flavors bit:


Wu styles for days.

Keith said...

damn... the guy owns switch 360 flips.

I'm down with the way he skates for sure.

Anonymous said...

this dude is steady killing it. all the time.

I love how ahed of the game he was on the whole "5-0 to fakie an abrupt bank" thing...and that one is still much better than most that you see littering every video part these days

smorales said...

He goes beyond making it look easy. Like it was an afterthought that he even tried.

Never seen this. Sound is annoying but tricks are so good. The pop shov-it over the foldable thing looks so huge from the other angle.

Cheaps said...

Sick as they come - damn this guy should have had more props for his skating. Great post bro, made my day brighter and more skateable.

Justin said...

I watched Ryde Or Die the other night and Rob's 5-0s to fakie are amazing.