chrome ball incident #254: the passenger

quick little update featuring some real bangers from the super crisp Joey Pepper.


smorales said...

Does anyone have a link or clue to finding that footage of him skating down the street? It might have been a 48 blocks clip... I think they did a little contest out of it, bs bigspin involved.

tp said...

So much pop

chepesent said...

That first photo is in San Jose, Costa Rica during an Aesthetics tour. The spot is a park called Parque Nicaragua. The caption mentions the ground is falling apart...it actually crumbles apart, shits ruff even for Central American standards. And homeboy popped up on that 5-0 like whatevs. I remember his "Check Out / Hot Shoes" article in Big Brother had a flip front krooks 180 out on a low to high ledge, it was ridiculously buttery and when front krooks was a new trick.