chrome ball incident #251: technical difficulties

the chrome ball offices are currently experiencing network issues and the ridiculous comedy of errors that has transpired today in order to get some new content up here wouldn't be believed.

regardless, the young mc leads us into the weekend.

big up to jason rogers, eric ricks and everybody else that has supported this thing.

fuck verizon.


jason from oz said...

i was refreshing for an update and it was worth the wait. mc in the chocolate tour has inspired me for the weekend! nice one cbi.

nice one for jr to comment as well.

Keith said...

Sweet interview. So much good shit in that one. The fs nollie flip down the emb double set. 360 flip over the couch. Carroll imo has one of the best 360 flips in the biz. Lots of shots with Carroll's first DC shoe. I had a pair of the navy ones. Looking back, it was kinda odd to have steel mesh as part of the lace loops.

"Don't sweat the small stuff"

Love that quote.

Mr Cheaps said...

Great post on a great day. I'd like to share my joy with all the chrome ball heads out there, the birth of my little girl Aneesa. Peace to all.
Chrome ball keep rolling.

K said...

On the real - no one can touch Mike Carroll's parts in the FTCs. Remember the first jawn when he was skating to De La Soul. SO SMOOTH.

He always reminds me of that one chill white dude you see in a lotta rap videos.

JRog said...

I don't remember that nollie half cab flip photo. No footie of it either eh? DC era Mikey is the bomb. Hurricane Helen era is tight too. I was in that van and man...too much for me.

Congrats on the daughter Cheaps! My girl (little kid in beginning of Gumbo) is 15 now! Time flies so savor it!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hurricane Helen, can you scan the picture of her? I heard she was in a TWS Subscribe ad sitting on top of a playground set. Maybe Mr. Rogers can confirm the existence of this.

Never seen her myself, but Ms. Helen was supposedly in the van at Jerebek school, while Carroll was gliding half-Cab Willy-grind reverts on the flat bar. He looked particularly satisfied that day.

JRog said...

Shit I was there that day too! That was this other broad named Katie I believe. Same chick that was on the TWS thing. If you ask me to testify though, I'll deny everything.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Kate. I get them confused.

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