chrome ball incident #246: sacto soul

Bongo afficionado and closet Slayer fan Matt Rodriguez closes out the week.

I always got hyped on Matt's super fast and loose style... this word gets thrown around here a lot but "underrated" definitely comes to mind.

and whatever happened to supernaut?

big up to the entire stereo massive and my man jaycee.

and I can't go without mentioning this: historical.


smorales said...

That Video Days stuff really is the greatest thing to ever grace the internet.

JayCee said...

HA! Yeah Chops! Right on for putting this one together. Do you know what year that Check Out is from? I can't even remember. The writing's horrible! haha I remember where I wrote it though. We were at a party somewhere here in SF and Tobin asked me if I wanted to write Matt's Check Out and of course I said yes. So I just started writing some bullshit and the line where I said, "you owe him more than respect, you owe him awe", was copped from that movie Manhunter which was the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. That was my favorite movie at the time and I figured no one would ever figure out where it was from.

Funny thing about that Check Out, for years I didn't know you actually got paid to do those. I think it was a couple of years ago and I finally called up Transworld to see if I could get some money for it. After talking to their accountant, I think they finally realized that it was written so long ago (probably over a decade, huh Chops?) that it was far too late for that. Needless to say, if you ever end up doing a Check Out for someone, make sure you get paid! It was all worth it though as now I'm bound together in the history books with my friend and awesome skater, Matt Rodriguez.

Not to get to sappy Chops, but I gotta thank you for bringing back all these memories of some of the most amazing times in my life. And more importantly, reminding me of the people that I shared them with. And while some of the memories may have been forgotten, they're living on now thanks to you.

Keep doing your thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Matt is so good!

Thanks Choppys!

Anonymous said...

LOL Airwalk Ones!

I would love to get that Pao - Sunshine track. I contacted him a couple years ago on myspace and he said his buddy had a copy and he'd try to get it but i'm sure he forgot. Still cool of him to actually reply.

chops said...

for real, smorales. epicly laterd offically crossed over this week from being "amazing" to "legendary". I've been waiting on this one for a minute now and am just straight-up geeked about it. big ups to patrick and chris.

that was december 1992, jaycee. the 10th anniversary issue of transworld. tobin asked you himself? ill.

and thanks for the "sappiness", you ol' softie. haha

but for real, thank you (and everyone else) for all the comments cause that's a huge part of what keeps this thing going.

that is pretty ill that he replied back, seaver. i'd like to have that track as well although its really not my type of thing. funny how skate parts can make you really dig on songs you normally wouldn't.