chrome ball incident #225: ye breadcrumb traile

special request from my man psychic chan... from about 6 months ago. whoops.

saw thomas at an alien demo back in '92. the whole team was there (minus pitre) and morgan absolutely ripped it... which made quite an impression cause at the time, he was known primarily as a vert skater. sure, the rest of the crew did their thing... but i just remember being completely blown away by morgan as he killed the course with this weird blank look on his face, not saying a word... in a pair of those ugly all-green nts airwalks.

and yeah, i had a pair.

big up to john drake and ron patrick.


Keith said...

sweet! You don't have the ad with the bs 180 flip over the water gap?

I had the same reaction as you seeing Thomas skate for the first time in person. Totally underestimated his street skills. Dude is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I saw one of those old NSA AM trophies at his house. So sick!

hairfarmer said...

how about a Duane Pitre post?

Fast Food Fridays said...

I used to see him at Rudys all the time, I would buy his airwalk enigmas off him. They were spray painted and cut down with indy stickers on them.
check the expression on his face in the Markovich wallenberg photo from way back. solid stone face.
raddest dude!

gavin said...


Keith said...

Rudy's skateboard explosion was awesome. Went down a few times... once just to skate. Once for a Real demo. I had only really met Thomas once before, although my friend knew him well. We just showed up, partied and he let us crash at his house.

SKEEM said...

that switch fs crook is too cool.