chrome ball incident #218: away from the numbers

been vibing off this retirement-era hensley interview for a minute now. at the time of its publication, i couldn't quite get my head around this article but age and the benefit of hindsight have given me a new take on it.

although i'm still not sure he was giving us the whole story here (rumors were a plenty back then... even before the slap message board), it still makes for a good read as one of skateboarding's most progressive skaters talks about playing pool, being a skinhead (not what you think), hanging out with EMF and retiring in his early twenties only to work at a skate shop.

and as far as that droors diss goes, i think time proved hens to be the victor in this 1992 clash of styles.

actual skate photos return tomorrow.

and oh yeah, buy one of these for $30. jenkins/bend is the best.


Keith said...

Lots of those pictures in that photo history are so good!

melon to fakie, kf melon, back lip photo taken down the line. So stylish.

Thanks for the interview.

K said...

Amazing how ahead of his time he was.

Royce said...

it don't stop.

Keith said...

After reading this post, I went and watched Not the new H-Street Video. First time in a long long time. So many crazy memories. I remember the copy I first saw had AC/DC back in black rather than that weird processed version. It was a pre-released tape.