chrome ball incident #216: the maestro

always wondered which of his classic video parts could stand up to MC's own quasi-ridiculous level of scrutiny... glad questionable passed the test.

i know the odds are stacked against him, and its nothing against mo... but the geezer vote is backing carroll 100% this weekend.

p.s. no more sofa photos for a while.


Keith said...

It's pretty crazy that a nose wheelie can look so good.

Love his video review. A lot of that frustration about filming for Virtual Reality really came out in those Epicly Laterd episodes.

Anonymous said...

Skateboarding today wouldn't be the same in so many ways if it weren't for Mike Carroll. Can't wait for the game of SKATE either - I'm just hoping he doesn't get pissed and throw it.

Mike said...

The fist time i saw Mike Carroll skate was in the H-Street " Bootleg " , 360 flip lipslide on the curb , and the one foot back side smith grind ... My god , it was too much !

By the way , if you check my blog ( on the early 90 's ) , i've made a post on a good board i've bought : the Plan B " Nevertrend "

It's a reissue but autographed by the maestro himself :)

Sarge said...

Heres hoping you scanned the rest of that Gino sequence at the bottom of the 5th pic.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the Nevertrend deck for a while now. I had a scratch off one a long time ago that I broke.
I skated near him once at EMB, dude is amazing.