chrome ball incident #214: code of the streets

long overdue post with a truly legendary underground cat, the one rick i.

an o.g. slap pal whose fluid technique and raw style enabled him to get down with both the safeway curbdogs and the emb heads... not to mention all the new york city kids back east.

check the resume: shut, o.g. deal, underworld, turning down menace for stereo, starting cream... truly ill.

big up to my man seb and the always incredible platinum seagulls.


Anonymous said...

With Skateboarder Mag and Vert is Dead digging on this guy very recently, he can't be all that underground, right?

Anonymous said...

old school sammy is right. i mean just the other day i saw rick endorsing pimple cream with sheckler right before he did that sick backside air over the great wall of china on his way over to Bam's house.

chops, you're just plain silly sometimes!

(keep up the good work, sick post).

Keith said...

nude eel wheels. nice! Those first two New Deal parts he had were proper.

I saw him setting up a board at FTC when I visited SF in the early 90's, toxic 39mm wheels! Seemed like a really nice guy.

smorales said...

just watched skypager last night. Time for a re-watch.

Anonymous said...

Always was a fan of his parts in Useless Wooden Toys and 1281 as a kid. Hyped on this one!

JayCee said...

Damn Chops! You did it right. My boy Rick. Everyday in high school I'd skip first period and go to his house then we'd make it to school in time for second period. Rick, Coco Santiago, and myself. That was our lunch posse. I talked to Rick just the the other day. We've hit up the new park a couple of times together. He's a family man now so he's pretty busy these days, but he always tries to skate when he can. He actually has an after school program where he teaches kids to skate at a local junior high.

Watching Rick skate was always a pleasure. He was so progressive and that always made me want to progress too though I was light years behind him. He was always doing tricks that not many people were doing or were even able to do. And by the time people were doing them, he was already on to something else. And Rick could skate everything too. Ramps, pools, you name it. Again, watching Rick skate a mini ramp, so progressive. And his skateboarding resume is something you can only dream about! If I was at his house and he had gotten a new package, without hesitation he'd hook me up with a new board or some shirts or wheels. But that's Rick for you. I think my favorite when he was riding for Vans. Good lookin' out Rick! Rick is just so humble. Even to this day, he's like that. I remember we were going to the park and I was looking at his board and I asked him what he was riding. He said some blank boards he had bought somewhere. And I was like, "Why don't you ask (so and so) for some boards?". It seemed strange to me that Rick wouldn't ask someone with a board company for some product which I'm sure they'd gladly give him. I mean, he could probably get boards from any number of old friends that had companies. But he told me he didn't really like asking people for stuff. And that kinda captures him in a nutshell. For all the accolades and things he did throughout his skate career, he still the same person he was when he first stepped on a board. He'll always be my favorite skater, and he'll always be my friend.

Good lookin' out Chops. I'm gonna email this over to Rick to check out. I think he'll be pretty stoked about this one!

seb carayol said...

Nice ! Any chance you night be able to find this ad where he's riding the Shut Shark board that he mentioned in our Skateboarder interview? Would be sick.