chrome ball incident #201: hello again

a little bit of t.g. for the weekend... (insert your favorite Tommy line from Animal Chin here).

so stoked on the sick boys reissue right now. definitely recommended for you geezers out there.

anybody know where i can get a copy of amigos? hit me up.


Keith said...

Yabble Dabble.

Never noticed that St. Ides shirt lol

Leather Gucci hat was part of the standard kit in those days.

That ollie of the jump ramp in the 3rd pic was one of my favourite pics back then. Freaking high!

I'm not even sure what trick he's doing in the 2nd pic. Is there a bank there? Or a ledge?

K said...

Junk collector. I collect junk.

1. His album Soul Food Tacqueria = bloody brilliant

2. His song in Stereo's "A Visual Sound" (Matt Rodriguez' part), sigh, so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

I copped the Sick Boys dvd off of eBay. Get it asap.

Coffee Cups and Empty Bottles said...

don't now about a "physical" copy, but you can watch it here:
don't know who originally posted it on google but stoked none the less

AE said...

when marc johnson's part started off with that line in fully flared, my first thought was "HOLY SHIT!!!! TOMMY GUERRERO SKATED THAT SPOT IN PUBLIC DOMAIN OR BAN THIS!!!! SICK!"

i totally thought it was a tribute...without knowing that marc johnson's part was a part full of tributes.

and regardless of all that, dudes like guerrero and julien stranger taught me loosen my trucks.

disco boy said...

that sick ollie from the jump ramp is from a contest in eugene from way back when called "willamette dammit". i'm in that crowd somewhere... i think i was 13 years old.

smorales said...

sick boi. I have a dvd transfer of amigos. Got outbid on/forgot about an original this summer on ebay. That video is so damn good.

JayCee said...

Growing up in SF, Tommy was a huge hero of mine. Hell, every kid in SF looked up to Tommy. I remember watching Future Primitive around '86 and being blown away at Tommy skating the hills like that. I didn't know you could do that kind of stuff on a skateboard. That got me and my friends exploring the city in ways I probably never would have if I didn't skate. While a lot of people were gnarly and raw, Tommy was just so damn smooth. They would bring jump ramps to Golden Gate Park on Sundays back then and sometimes you'd see Tommy there blasting ollies like the one in that picture and doing huge methods too. And I remember years and years later when I finally got to know Tommy and I saw him out somewhere and he said what's up and remembered my name...damn, I was siked! And to this day, whenever I see Tommy, I still get a little bit of that feeling. They say you should never meet your idols. In this case, I would've been bummed if I never did.

Unknown said...


chops said...

keith, i think that mystery trick is just a powerslide of some sort.. thought it looked fresh and love the o.g. rip grip on there, too.

good lookin' out, ccaeb

i feel you, ae. t.g., natas, and hensley taught that "tight trucks=higher ollies" was just totally untrue.

smorales, if you can hook me up with a burned copy of that joint, i'd be more than appreciative. let me know.

damn, jaycee. thanks for that. nice.