chrome ball incident #199: yeah, you know.

Q: "You know about life, right? Why don't you summarize it for me in 17 words exactly?"

A: "Oh yeah. Just like a beehive, alot of action, and for what? Survival, that's the bottom line."

this Thrasher interview is even before my time but i took one look at that cover on ebay and was sold. the top and bottom (some personal faves) are from transworld a few years later. figured i hadn't put up any Neil in a while so I thought I'd sneak some in before chrome ball incident #200.

now I realize that this 200th post isn't such a big deal anymore as I've found myself getting more and more carried away with the size of these things since chrome ball #100... but I still think it'll be pretty rad.


Anonymous said...

You can NEVER go wrong with Neil Blender---the guy had and still has style for miles....a true legend.

Keith said...

I remember that pic with the negative cat. Great shot.

And that front rock looks so sick!

Interview is before my time as well.

If Blender started a company now, it would be so legit.

tp said...

got to start doing more fastplants. wait, i can't do trannies. oh well, at least i can agree with the dedication factor. it is guys like this that made me love skateboarding in the first place.

quite a transition from the early 90's characters you have been showing lately. i don't know which way you will go with 200 but i am hanging in suspense!

how about them stealers?

Anonymous said...

best post EVAARRR!!

thumbs up

Anonymous said...

HEY HEY HEY, Who rocked f.rocks kickin' H.TOP Ponys????

LOCO said...

Thanks for this post right here, my homie nb is one of the best ever to be on a skateboard and that's not even talking about his skateboard ability.

And to the earlier post by Keith, he did help start a company, Alien Workshop, he did graphics, photo, music, and film/video originally (check out Memory Screen) but then...yeah i'll let him tell that story.

chops said...

big up to john drake and the atmosphere massive...

any good blender stories?

falcon represent!

Keith said...


It's John Drake! How cool. Always enjoyed your skating. I know Blender was one of the main dudes that started Alien (I have been skating since 1988) but these days, he has little/nothing to do with it.

I was just saying... if he started a company now in 2009, with all the old school nostalgia going around these days, it would be so sick!