chrome ball incident #196: dwyck

DC renaissance man, Chris Hall. Anybody know the story behind the wino guy that was always in dude's parts?

And what's up with no encodes of Chris's Useless Wooden Toys part? That manny-tre flip out straight-up severed heads in '90.

just straight-up havin fun this week...

and I really need to do an Andy Howell post.


Anonymous said...

loved nd back then. what ever happened to chris fissel?

chops said...

i know chris turned pro for mad circle real quick in its early days...

he was real religious... may have retired with one of those classic-90's-christ-fueled-freakouts that were so popular back then.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hall looks better skinny. That sounded mean, but it's true.

K said...

Dude is still in the area. He actually helped put Darren Harper on the map. See here:


Dude was also the man behind Get Familiar, a fantastic video. I remember going to the premier with my girlfriend at the time. It was amazing seeing Gonz at George Washington University.

Chops you're killin' it dunnie. I have half a mind to mail you all the ads that are stuck to my old room back at the parents' crib. Some of them have pieces of tape/are yellowing,b ut I'm sure you'd have better use for them than they do!

Anonymous said...

Chris Hall is a MAJOR filmer and Skate guy still---jesus, I hate all the flippy-dippy street shit and knew that---he's just like 250 pounds, and has a website where he used to bet people money they couldn't answer skate trivia questions, and when I answered the first two--he stepped off like a pussy--and a fat pussy at that! I get the answers right, and fat baldy filmer gives me no love---fuck him and his fat ass--at least I can skate vert and have for years!

Anonymous said...

doesn't he work at soletech or something?

-the mean dude who said Chris Hall was fat (it's true)

chops said...

get familiar was rad and i see some articles pop up every now and then with Chris's name on it... glad to see him still doing this thing.

also never realized he was skating in Jordan 1's in that skypager part.

jason, i did find some chris fissel mad circle graphics online... and a whole lot of dudes dissing him. yipes!

Thanks, K. Might take you up on that, holmes. Yeah, Gonz is supposedly coming here in spring. Never seen him in person before... hopefully i won't get my "man-fan with a fan-out/freak-out" on and embarass myself.

OSCTSammy, can you remember what any of the questions were?

Keith said...

Chris Hall was living in Canada, Hamilton of all places, for a while in the late 90's. He had that company True Mathematics. Pretty sure he had something to do with discovering Appleyard.

His Useless part was so sick. One of those holy crap parts. Where did this guy come from?? Crazy.

"Chris Hall, part 2" LOL

I had Chris Fissel's MC board with the Jesus fish. It had the exact same shape as the Rene Matthyssen with the young Daffy Duck graphic.

Anonymous said...

This might answer some of your questions:

I can't find the shizzle where he's talking about the wino guy... I'll post it as soon as I find it.

Anonymous said...



AE said...

chris hall's "useless wooden toys" part has always been a favorite of mine.
and the nocturnal technician ad was soooo dope. i was always hyped on that
because night filming was/is the shit.

a friend of mine randomly introduced me to him in the middle of a coffee
house back in 95, i was totally in fan out mode...it was embarassing.

anyway, the last time i saw chris, i asked him if he was gonna have a few
tricks in get familiar (he was filming darren harper that day). he just gave
me this grin and was like "fuck no. these dudes are too good these days."
i got to give it to him - he knows he's got nothing to prove to anyone.

and keith, my boy scotty rode for true mathematics. it's too bad that
company didn't do anything.

chops said...

forgot all about true mathematics... that team was ridiculous!

good lookin' out FB.

and that Hall story is amazing, AE. "Fuck no" is probably the best response he could've ever given.

Anonymous said...

Can we have some classic underrated smooth styles of Sam Devlin - rode for world 94 - 97. Not the crackhead version that he is now.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure that wino guy just used to kick it around pulaski. i saw him there on two separate occasions skating there, and he said "you all ain't got shit on chris hall and brian tucci"

Baby Jesse said...

"it's too bad that
company didn't do anything."

True Math made good gear and put out one (maybe two) dope video(s). That right there is more than most clothing companies did, do, or will do.

Anonymous said...

sammy stop talking shit about chris hall, i know him you dont you little faggot, hes cool as hell, he left such a big impact in skateboarding by creating get familar, and yea he did help discover appleyard and hes working on getting darren harper discovered too, stop acting like your better than him he was pro for new deal and element what have you done so far? you little fag dont talk about chris like that when you dont even know him

Bansaipipeline said...

I often think about Underworld Element. Totally visionary company. I can pretty much watch Skypager anytime.

"Jackie Chan!"
"Buster Douglas!"

To think it became fucking Element. Travesty.