chrome ball incident #192: quiet city

Q: "Do you see yourself as a celebrity?"

A: "I don't think I'm shit, man."

the Chrome Ball Incident brings 2008 to a close with that talented little shit, Mr. Jason Dill .

See you next year.


Anonymous said...

Good post!

C/O had one hell of a lineup.

smorales said...

is there footage of that b/s smith at fort miley somewhere? Have I seen it in something popular and just never realized it? One sweet maneuver.

chops said...

C/O was definitely no joke.

not sure, smorales... i don't remember seeing it anywhere but i could be mistaken. such a good shot.

Anonymous said...

The Dill's Kickflip used to be one of my favorite picture of This guy before he became what he is today