chrome ball incident #187: i am the resurrection

no-nonsense brit that hopped the pond and dealt a big ol' dummy-smack stateside, the noble sir carl shipman.

so good to see him back and re-enlisted in the Agency.


tp said...

What is the connection between the Brits and good frontside flips?

Keith said...

411#2 was the first I ever saw of Carl Shipman. So sick at that UK contest. fs flips... fs half cab flips. I suppose those 2 tricks are the same motion. Amazing, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Good ol' northern monkey like myself - Northern England where the girls are loose, beer is good and winter is f@#king cold. The only thing to do is frontside flips over ya whippet whilst wearing ya flat cap - aye lad.

Anonymous said...

Stoked but no sign of THAT 360 flip in Belgium on the DC European tour in Big Brother aeons ago?

As it happens, sidewalkmag.com did an online feature on Shipman this week (to tie in with a print interview) featuring some ancient footage from 1992 - http://video.mpora.com/watch/rrwvS8XpO

chops said...

tp, i don't know but there's definitely a trend there.

keith, wasn't that carl cover the same issue you were in?

ciaran, feeling generous today... that tre fip up now.

Ben said...

Thanks man...amazing!

thekettleblackest said...

and I am the light
I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you as I'd like

Keith said...

damn... that tre flip on that steep ass bank was huge. Those first few DC super euro tours were so good... back when DC was legit. wtf happened!?

ciaran... that video is crazy. Goofyboy-ed out Shipman.

chops... yup. That's the same issue. So stoked on that cover.

Agostinho said...

question is does he still have it in him?

dope skater for sure, but maybe his time has been and gone????

Chris Jackson said...

shipman was the don- and a true gent. Yes - he is obviously passed his prime, as by his own admission he only skates once or twice a week now - but he is on STEREO CLASSICS - which is a nod to a previous career, and a massive mark of respect by those who know.

A true ambassador of English skateboarding - frontside bigspin down the big set in market square 17 years ago - alongside waist high frontside flip noseslide - I could go on - but even the SF locals cite Shipmans front blunt down hubba as a historical moment.

Style, tricks, friendly and approachable. Lots of skaters from different generations could learn a lot from shippo.

You can probably guess I am a big fan - thanks LBD for sending me the link!

JayCee said...

I remember I had a pair of Adidas that Shippy wanted to buy from me. He really wanted them and I don't know why. I think he was offering me a bunch of product but I was like, nah.

Yo, seeing him skate in person, you really got to appreciate the power that dude had. Mad pop! Plus, I always liked the way his gear looked on him (no homo). It just hung on him the right way. A lot of people rocked the same gear but it looked better on him. That's just part of the steez I suppose.

Oh, and from what I remember hearing, that photo of the frontside bluntslide was a bail. I could be wrong, but I remember hearing that. I think he went back and did it later though.