chrome ball incident #165: buck whylin'

"Let me give you the theory of Pat, dude. You see Pat is actually a Terminator. He was supposed to kill someone and he came from the future but then his program malfunctioned... so now he's invincible, dude. And he can fall on his face and it won't hurt him.... ow, shit."

Thanks Poets.


Anonymous said...

When Questionable showed up in my friends mailbox, we tore it open and popped it in the vcr. Six minutes later, my friend announced his was quitting skateboarding.

Pat Duffy's part was that powerful and onto some next level type shit.

Keith said...

damn... I haven't seen half of those photos before. Crazy.

Dude came out of nowhere, took handrails to a new level. What a way to open Questionable. His first pro model that was scratch and win was a pretty creative idea.

Legendary shit.

Anonymous said...

jeremy deglopper needs love

Anonymous said...

What year was the Thunder ad?

Anonymous said...

Am I tripping or is that a 180 nosegrind on hollywood high circa 93? Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Was the 180 nosegrind ever in a video? Excellent Post!

pizzy said...

It's interesting to see Sheffey in the background of the last photo. I forgot who said it in a interview about how sheff stopped skating big stuff after that and getting more tech. Back then anybody who would have been there to see that would definitely freaked out.

I also like watching him skate mini-ramp just as much as rails. One of the best ever.

chops said...

yeah, Duffster came out of nowhere and gave the whole world a dummy smack. totally next level. i often wonder if something like that is still possible in this age of youtube, goombas and poachers.

the thunder ad was 1992. simmonds and petit would be proud.

i believe that is hollywood high... crazy, right!? I don't ever recall seeing this in a video either. This is post-Questionable, pre-Virtual Reality era and I don't recall seeing it.

pizzy, that was that carl hyndman interview over at bobshirt. and you're right, pat's mini-ramp skating is vastly underrated.

JayCee said...

I had some friends from Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge from SF. They lived in this little town called Tiburon. My friend had this shitty little miniramp on the side of his house which was on the side of a hill (don't ask). Pat was a friend of theirs and he used to come over and skate the ramp. This was years before Plan B. I didn't even know Pat could skate street cause all I ever of him was skating my friend's ramp. I remember they used to make fun of him cause he used to wear his hats so low and have a really flat bill. They said he looked like a duck. Years later we find out he's on Plan B and the rest is history. My friends told me that the reason that Pat was so good at rails was because he had a flat bar in front of house. Makes me want to buy my little cousin a flat bar and have him go at it!