chrome ball incident #163: box in hand

the very definition of effortless steez.

straight up, eric pupecki was so good that he almost looked bored with it.


Anonymous said...

Sick sick sick - totally forgot about that nollie flip pic - more of that Menace era please.

Anonymous said...

the peksta, does anyone do that lazy steez better, maybe penny, but thats it!!

Agostinho said...

ahhhhhhhh eric the king, love that deck, memoriesssssss!

he skated those convs soo well.

wish i could rock 'em like that.

Keith said...

chops... you inspired my monday graphics post

"julianjason said...

the peksta, does anyone do that lazy steez better, maybe penny, but thats it!!"

No kidding. Gotta agree.

JayCee said...

I remember the first time I met Eric. It was at the Safeway curbs in SF. I was with my friend and we were skating and Eric was there. I didn't think anything of it or him at the time. This was years before he was even on Fun or anything. No sponsors. I remember my friend and I were leaving and he said later to Eric cause I guess he had just moved to SF from RI and they had met each other recently. Well, we hop into my car and all of a sudden Eric hops in with us. I'm like, what the fuck? Who is this guy? I think he wanted to come with us cause he thought we were going skating, but I remember saying something to the effect of us not going skating (though we realy were) and that he had to get out the car. Thing is, if he had asked me if he could come with us, I would've easily said yes. But I was just put off by the fact that he didn't even ask and just hopped in my damn car. That was the beginning of our friendship.

Years before the backwards caps and Polo Gear, he was just this skater kid that moved to SF just to skate and kinda see what would happen. I remember people used to be kinda thrown off by Eric. I think it was because he was a little quiet cause he was new on the scene, but he really tried. And he was better than you thought. I remember he would pull stuff out of his ass when we would skate. Stuff that I didn't know he could do and didn't even think he could do. We would skate with Keenan and Keith when they were still on Fun and they got Eric on after a while. Things progressed from there and he kinda had something going with Real for a little bit. I think there was some talk about him getting on Stereo but I think the opportunity to get on Menace came up and he went with it. Eric moved to LA and we lost touch with each other. I know he got really into Reggae for a while and maybe had his own label?

Eric, if you read this, hit me up homie!!!